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Ben Affleck's Batman is starting shaping up to become something real special and could end up being one the most faithful adaptations of the character on the big screen when Batman vs Superman comes out. But Ben's Batman has taken some cues from previous incarnations of the character and that's what probably gonna make his Batman so different and special from the others.

Frank Miller's Batman

Ben Affleck's Batman shares many common traits with Frank Miller's Batman as pretty much Ben's Batman is a direct adaptation of Frank's on screen.

  • Ben Affleck's Batman likely retired when Jason Todd died a former robin, the same with Miller's Batman.
  • There both older interpretations of Batman.
  • Both are considered "urban legends".
  • Both came out of commission for a cause.
  • Costumes very similar.
  • Ends up fighting Superman in a mechanized suit.
  • Brutal methods on there war on crime.
  • Experience with their villains.
  • Both been Batman over a decade.
  • Use there incredible strength combined with there excellent combat skill.

Similar poses right?

Bruce Timm's Bruce Wayne

Ben Affleck, when he not wearing the Batsuit, strongly resembles the Bruce Wayne off of the animated series during the 90's when he wearing that suit in the recent trailer. Bruce Timm is noted for revamping the Bruce Wayne character and instead of making him a billionaire playboy, he became more of a serious businessman who helped out Gotham. Ben's version of Bruce is strongly following that source material.

  • They're both CEO of their companies and care about there employees. In the animated series you constantly see Bruce being friendly towards his employees and caring for them like family, Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is visibly distraught when he sees his building being destroyed and his employees are being killed. Details surfaced that some of the employees were close to Wayne and that they were killed which fuels Bruce bitterness in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • Have that playboy image to hide their true self and secret identity.

Doesn't this look oddly familiar?

Arkham Batman weaponry and gadgets

If you've every played the Arkham series, you know that incarnation of Batman is absolutely loaded with gadgets and weaponry at his disposal. Ben's Batman is shaping up to to have that type of firepower at his disposal at well. Seeing quick glimpses of his batmobile in action, batjet packing some serious heat and seeing his gadgets on display at Comic-Con, Snyder's incarnation of Batman seems to be war ready at anytime.

  • Both have similar looking batmobiles.
  • Have similar gadgets. Arkham's Batman has a gadgets called detective vision and Ben's Batman has one called detective cowl.
  • Both have weaponry that pack serious heat and aid them on their war on crime.

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