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It appears as if The Walking Dead, much like the zombie apocalypse it focuses on, is starting to slowly spread and take over the world. Or at least television.

EW is reporting that the creators of TWD and its spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, are producing an experimental, stand-alone special that's set in the same pre-TWD time period of FTWD.

The story will revolve around a group of airline passengers who face a zombie outbreak on a midair flight with the idea that one of the survivors of the attack will be introduced into Fear the Walking Dead's second season. The concept has never been tried before and is a bit confusing, so I'll let EW explain:

The airline attack story will debut online, and will unfold this in chapters that will air during Walking Dead’s on-air telecasts. In other words: You’re watching The Walking Dead, AMC cuts to commercial break, then you get a chapter in the as-yet-untitled stand-alone airline attack drama.

Still with me? The entire special will be half an hour and told in increments of a few minutes at a time that fans can watch during a commercial break.

But that's about all we know of the special so far. We can assume that the flight itself will be headed to Los Angeles, as that's the setting of Fear the Walking Dead, and if there's a location that's a perfect symbol of where hope and humanity go to die, it's LAX.

It seems an overly elaborate way to introduce a new character, but experimentation is always welcome. This could be a cool project as it unfolds.

Fear the Walking Dead's pilot just debuted, while The Walking Dead returns on October 11.


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