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Watching the trailer for Before We Go you could get the impression that it is going to be a romantic movie, that could be predictable. Luckily for us Before We Go avoids predictability and introduces to us a interesting and truthful story about love.

The story is about Nick and Brooke who end up meeting when they are both stuck in Manhattan for the night. The evening ends up in an unexpected adventure that leads them to trust and open up to each other and helps them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

To start what I loved about this movie, and I want to give Chris Evans so much credit for this, is the way it was shot. It feels like your following these two characters around the city of New York, it doesn't feel like a movie it feels realistic, which fits the story perfectly. Also what is so interesting about this movie is the fact that the two leads are not what they seem on the surface. You don't know everything straight away, as the movie progresses you learn and understand the characters more, as they are beginning to trust and open up more to each other, you feel as if they are opening up to you. The story leads you to understand and relate to whatever the characters are going through. This is a story about love and what it can make you do and how much one person, no matter who that person is can affect your life. It makes you think about love, family and fate and whether or not two people are destined to meet, or fall in love. It makes you see how much love can affect us, whether or not it is someone we are with, have been with or want to be with. You don't watch the movie knowing how it is going to end, but when it does end you are satisfied with the ending.

Evans and Eve both portray their characters with heart, honesty and relatability. The two leads are strong, they grip you and make you understand what they are feeling. As the audience you don't feel as if the movie is trying to feed you cliché's it is trying to teach you the real truth about love and what it can make us do. So much in this movie is said without being said, the audience knows and the characters know without it having to be spelled out for you word for word. Also the fact is that these characters are likeable, and Evans and Eve have great chemistry on screen.

Evans as director made the movie what it was, which was simple and real. It didn't need anything fancy, it felt as if a camera was following real people which is exactly what this movie needed. It didn't go over the top with arty shots of New York and the city because it didn't need to, it focused on the journey of these two characters and centred on them.

The quotes in this movie as well are great, to whoever wrote the script well done because they gave us an honest look on love and life. My favourite quote however was "you can't allow the people you love to determine how you love" Also another quote I loved, because of its honesty is "But I guess I got to be grown up. Got to be okay with not being okay. Which completely sucks."

This movie might not become a blockbuster hit, and maybe not everyone will enjoy it because its not cliché and it doesn't give you a fairytale ending. The film is grounded in reality. But it is thought provoking, clever and honest and that to me makes it a movie that I believe people should watch. And this is me telling you all, to whoever reads this that you should watch it.

Well Done Chris Evans on your directional debut, I believe it was a success you made a movie that resonated with me and that I will watch again and again.


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