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There's nothing like mystery in any given genre to throw you for a loop. When you run into a mystery, who do you call? Nope, not the Ghostbusters, but a detective! From Sherlock Holmes, to the Dark Knight, the greatest movie detectives and their uncanny ability to solve the most complex of cases have not been forgotten. Let's show them some love as we go over some of the greatest detectives to have ever graced the big screen.

4. Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

That's right, the world's greatest pet detective falls into the category of the greatest movie detectives! I'd be filled with guilt if I were to leave this charismatic, goofy, mascot beating, animal loving detective out of the mix. Just like the other greats on this list, Ace did better work than the police, and didn't overlook a single detail. Mr. Ventura actually took a special interest in the cases he worked on, also giving him another advantage over the police. He's cunning, witty, charming, and can joke his way in or out of practically any situation.

3. Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)

You must think I'm crazy! First a silly pet detective, and now a mouse? You got that right! Basil of Baker Street was modeled after Sherlock Holmes himself. He's known as a brilliant detective who refuses to end his pursuit of the evil Ratigan. Being caught up in his work, Basil can come off as self-centered. Just like one or two other detectives on this list, the great mouse detective hardly admits that he has a heart, or that he cares. Basil has shown to be proficient in areas such as history, science, disguise (sort of) and has also shown to be physically capable, as we saw in his fight against the much larger and much more menacing Ratigan.

2. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

Holmes is the detective, for many authors and writers have drawn inspiration for their own characters from him. A legendary detective with less-than-stellar people skills, Sherlock solves the most convoluted cases with deductive reasoning and astounding observation. The legend can easily understand science, history, and combat, but knows very little when it comes to human emotion. Favoring reason and logic above all else, Sherlock may come off as arrogant to those around him. It's not like he needs friends though, because Holmes only develops relationships with those who benefit him.

1. Batman (Nolan's Batman)

Batman hasn't only become an American cultural icon, but he's been given the moniker "World's Greatest Detective" and he has definitely earned it. Bruce uses his acute intellect as well as his physical prowess in his never ending war on crime, for he has trained himself to reach physical perfection. With his funds, the Dark Knight has access to state of the art technology, giving him quite the edge. Being extremely proficient in different fields such as science, history, and criminal psychology, the Batman is able to stay one step ahead, solving the most baffling of cases. Despite the police seeing the Caped Crusader as a menace, Batman continues his admirable and never-ending war on crime.

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