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Casey Haney

Wow guys! I love Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Like most of you, I grew up watching every episode of both series on Cartoon Network. I fell in love with these characters and was enthralled with each and every storyline. Much like the heroes of comics, they were all strong and multifaceted. That's why I'm so excited to see Pierre-Marie Lenoir's fusion of some of our favorite heroes from both Dragon Ball and comics! Check them out below:

Spider-Man / Krillin

Batman / Piccolo

Wolverine / Goku

Conan / Broly

Robin / Gohan

Be sure to check out artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir's other work and show this amazing, nerd mashup some love! My personal favorite is the Batman / Piccolo fusion. They are the perfect match! Thanks for reading guys!



Which was your favorite?


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