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With [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) less than a year away it’s the perfect time to revisit all the times the Caped Crusader has thrown down with the Man of Steel and see who the ultimate winner is. Is your money on the Dark Knight or The Last Son Of Krypton? No matter who wins, it's always a super-powered smackdown when these two go at it.

10.The Dark Knight Strikes Again - “Get out of my cave!”

The Dark Knight Strikes Again is the sequel to the acclaimed Frank Miller graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. Carrying over many of the themes from The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again once more has Superman working for the government and being tasked with taking down a rogue Batman. As can be expected, Batman doesn’t come quietly which leads to a knock-down-drag-out melee in the Batcave.

Batman utilizes the talents of his superfriends like the Flash and The Atom to rough up Supes before the Dark Knight goes to town on Superman’s face with a pair of oversize Kryptonite gauntlets. The fight shares many similarities with the Batman/Superman fight from The Dark Knight Returns including the use of a Kryptonite arrow fired by the Green Arrow to weaken Superman. The fight does however end with the classic Batman line: “I’m done talking. Get out of my cave!” which is more than enough to earn it a slot on this list.

The Winner: Batman, with a little help from his friends.

9. Batman #612 - Superman Gets Poison Ivy

After being exposed to Poison Ivy’s mind control pheromones Superman goes on a rampage and it’s up to Batman to stop him. This time Batman has only a Kryptonite ring and and his wits at his disposal.

After getting in a few good hits that almost shatter every bone in his hand, Batman manages to shock Superman with all of the power in Metropolis causing a temporary blackout, but it doesn’t stop him for long. In the end , brute force isn’t enough to stop Superman so Batman has to resort to dirty tactics, namely having Catwoman throw Lois Lane from a roof, leaving Superman no choice but to break off the fight to save her.

The Winner: Batman, with the assist from Catwoman.

8.Superman: Red Son - In Soviet Russia Superman Fights YOU

What if Superman had crashed in the USSR instead of the USA? That’s the scenario put forth by the 2003 mini-series Superman: Red Son. When the Russian version of Batman decides that Superman must be stopped, he rigs up a series of lamps designed to bathe Superman in the light of a red son (no pun intended) leaving him powerless. This allows Batman to do what he does best in these situations: punch a de-powered Superman repeatedly in the face.

Batman’s plan almost works until Wonder Women manages to free Superman leaving Batman no choice but to take his own life. In an uncommonly dark ending for a comic book brawl, Batman decides that he’d rather detonate a bomb he swallowed than face the lobotomy Superman threatens him with.

The Winner: Superman

7.Injustice : Gods Among Us #36 - The Butler Did It

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a one on one fighting video game from the creators of Mortal Kombat that lets players finally pit their favorite DC heroes and villains against each other in a fight to the death. The accompanying Injustice comic book series is just as brutal and features a totalitarian DCU ruled over by a crazed Superman.

Issue #36 opens after Batman has already had his spine broken by Superman and is lying broken on the batcave floor. Superman sets about torturing the Caped Crusader for information on a pill he synthesized that will give people the strength comparable to a Kryptonian, when he feels a hand on his shoulder and hears someone whisper his name. Superman turns to see Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler...who proceeds to drive his forehead into Superman’s nose so hard blood comes pouring out. Alfred -who obviously took one of Batman’s pills- goes on to kick Superman so hard his shoe disintegrates, before punching The Man of Steel’s face into the floor with enough force to leave a dent.

Nothing in the decades since Alfred first appeared in the DC universe, has ever indicated that he could give such a savage beating which just makes it that much more satisfying. A man will go to any lengths to protect his son and Bruce has been like a son to Alfred since his parents died.

The Winner: Though it’s technically Alfred that beats Superman to a pulp, we’ll call it a win for Batman by proxy.

6.Justice League #2 - Together Again For The First Time

Most of the arguments for Batman being able to stand toe to toe with Superman hinge on Batman having prep time. With enough time to prepare, Batman can come up with a contingency plan for any situation - including a brawl with Superman. But what happens when Batman doesn’t have any time to prepare? The New 52 Reboot of the Justice League answers this question when Batman meets Superman for the first time and throws everything he has at the Kryptonian to no avail. Superman thinks Batman is somehow in league with Darksied and is out for blood. With his utility belt empty and Superman’s fingers closing around his throat, Batman is a goner until Green Lantern and The Flash intervene.

The Winner: Superman , no contest.

5.Justice League: Tower Of Babel - Batman VS The JLA

And now on the opposite end of the spectrum Tower Or Babel is what happens when Batman has too much prep time. It turns out that Batman has a contingency plan to wipe out every single member of the Justice League should they ever stray from the straight and narrow path. When Ra's al Ghul steals all of Batman’s plans and puts them into action, no one suffers worse than Superman. After being exposed to a red Kryptonite synthesized by Batman, Superman’s skin becomes transparent and starts absorbing solar energy at an uncontrollable rate, essentially overloading his senses. After almost being killed by the very thing that gives him his power it’s not hard to see why Superman voted to have Batman expelled from the Justice League at the end of the arc.

The Winner: Batman

4.Batman #36: Endgame Part 2 - The Joke’s on Batman

Endgame is the only entry on this list where one of the combatants (in this case Superman) actually asks out loud “Who wins in a fight, Batman or Superman?” The answer to that question is Batman but just barely. The Joker infects every Justice League member but Batman with a form of his Joker toxin resulting in a Superman with a blood lust for Batman and no restraint. Batman holds his own for a little while using a mech suit equipped with shrunken red suns in the knuckles and shields to block Superman’s heat vision. Eventually though Superman disables Batman’s robot suit and is about to kill the Dark Knight once and for all when Batman spits some Kryptonite gum into Superman’s eye. That’s right, Batman has Kryptonite chewing gum, The Caped Crusader really does think of everything.

The Winner: Batman, with the most ridiculous Bat-device since Bat-shark repellent.

3.Batman: The Dark Knight #5 - Superman Beats The Bad Out Of Batman Part I

The Scarecrow sprays Batman with a toxin that makes him afraid of nothing and without the healthy fear one should have when facing a god-like being, Batman foolishly attacks Superman head-on, spewing hateful, anti-alien sentiment the whole time. Superman tries to reason with Batman but eventually has no choice but to knock some sense into him, literally. The issue ends with Batman lying unconscious in a heap of rubble and Superman apologizing for the beating he had no choice but to deliver.

The Winner: Superman.

2.Superman/Batman # 33-Superman Beats The Bad Out Of Batman Part II

When an alien called Black Rock possesses Batman it’s up to Superman once again to beat the evil out his fellow Justice Leaguer. The alien won’t leave Batman’s body unless it believes itself to be in mortal danger so Superman has no choice but to use lethal force. After getting smacked around a bit by an angry Superman,a bloodied and broken Batman finally announces that the alien has fled his body.

The Winner: Superman

1.The Dark Knight Returns - The Big One

The Dark Knight Returns features the fight to end all fights between Superman and Batman. In an alternate future Batman hasn’t been seen for ten years and Superman now works for the government as a secret weapon. When the Dark Knight comes out of retirement, president Reagan sends Superman to shut him down quietly, but as we’ve learned, Batman never goes quietly. Taking advantage of the fact that Superman has been severely weakened after playing catch with a nuclear warhead, Batman enlists the help of a now one-armed Green Arrow in further weakening Big Blue which he accomplishes with a Kryptonite arrow. With Superman now at a fraction of his usual power, Batman dons an armored suit and proceeds to pummel the Man of Steel mercilessly before faking his death with a simulated heart attack. Rumor has it that the the fight between Batman and Superman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is heavily based on this no holds barred slug-fest .

The Winner: Batman

And The Final Tally...

With 6 wins to Superman's 4, Batman is the victor, however it is worth noting that Batman can only manage to beat Superman when he has the right gadgets or help. In a straight fight the mortal Bruce Wayne is no match for the godly Kal-El. Will Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice make the two heroes even, or will it be another win in Batman's column? We'll find out on March 25, 2016 when Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice swoops into theaters.


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