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I would like to just start by thanking everyone who read and voted on my previous article, 12 DC Heroes To Compete In The Hunger Games. I had a lot of fun writing it and a lot of people had fun choosing the victor. I decided, with the heroes struggling to kill each other in the previous round, villains would be much more suited to take each other on with the ferociousness the games call for. So here it is: 12 DC Villains to Compete in the Hunger Games!

District 1: Lex Luthor

Representing the wealthy and powerful District 1 is none other than DC's wealthiest villain, Lex Luthor. This district is known for manufacturing luxury items and precious gems. As we know, Luthor loves his precious gems (*cough* Kryptonite *cough*). Luthor has spent his time in District 1 running each and ever facet of their industries. He has become the wealthiest individual in this district and even rivals some Capitol citizens' wealth. Luthor has spent all of his free time learning to harvest metals and gems from the earth to help create variations of a secret, super-suit that he's been developing. Along with his knowledge gained from running the industry in his district, he is a natural genius and innovator. He is a master of manipulation and adaptation. All of these skills will make this man a worthy adversary for the other competitors.

District 2: Sinestro

This district is known for giving the Capitol all of its Peacekeepers. Who better to represent this district than the super-villain who was part of the intergalactic police? Now a villain, Sinestro has created the Sinestro Corps and has successfully run an intergalactic corporation of villains. Being an extremely powerful ring-bearer, Sinestro would properly represent the district known for supplying career tributes that strike fear into the hearts of the other participants. He is a brilliant villain with all of the powers of a Green Lantern, but he uses the power ring of fear instead of will. Sinestro could very well pull out a win against these well-equipped competitors.

District 3: Metallo

For a district known for technology, Metallo is not only a great fit, but he could very well serve as one of their greatest inventions! Metallo is known for his ability to morph his metal body into a variety of different weapons, but he also has a great healing factor. Metallo is great at adapting to his environment and is a highly trained killer. With his amazing abilities to make powerful weapons out of his own body, his healing factor, and his training in the art of killing, Metallo could very well be a fierce combatant.

District 4: Black Manta

Black Manta is just a man, but he is a man that has taught himself to be as skilled underwater as Aquaman! He has bested the king of Atlantis in his own turf and could very well do so with these other tributes. Coming from a district known for fishing and aquatic life, Black Manta would serve as their price tribute. He is perhaps the most proficient killing machine and provider. With the arenas commonly supplying a body of water, Manta could easily use this to his advantage.

District 5: Ozymandias

How frightening is a man who outsmarted a god? Extremely frightening! Ozymandias is known for his genocidal tendencies and immense mental capabilities. For the district that supplies the power and electricity, Ozymandias is the perfect tribute. He is the genius that constructed the most efficient ways of harnessing energy and distributing it. However, this is just child's play for his great mind, and he has thought of many ways to dispose of tributes from other districts for years. Now finally participating in the games himself, he can put all of his research to the test.

District 6: Lobo

The "Main Man" has the baddest bike in the entire galaxy! Who else could even come close to representing the district known for transportation than Lobo? He is known for his SpazFragg666! Beyond his badass bike, Lobo is one hell of a man to be reckoned with (even though he isn't technically a man). He possesses super strength, amazing weapons, and a bottomless satchel that can be home to anything! Lobo is a wildcard and extremely powerful. He is known for finishing a job when he starts one, and he fully intends to finish this game.

District 7: Poison Ivy

For the district that is home to the forest and supplies the Capitol with all of its lumber, Poison Ivy is their best contributor. Even though she hates to cut down her beauties, she can create an endless supply of lumber for the Capitol which helps reduce the amount of intervention in the district. The anger associated with having to cut down her lovely trees is now her motivation to kill these other tributes. More than this, she is compelled to get back to her district so that she may preserve the forest that is left there. Without her, they would be forced to cut down the standing forest rather than her personally sprouted trees. She will use all of her amazing plant manipulation powers to ensure her victory, and with arenas commonly set in forest settings, she may be at an advantage.

District 8: Captain Cold

A blue-collar district known for making textiles, their champion is a man of the people. Being the coldest district in Panem, Captain Cold thrives as a great leader of his people in District 8. By being impervious to cold weather and also a great leader, he helps organize and motivate his people. He is also extremely cunning and powerful. He can manipulate the cold and create blasts of ice. Perhaps one of his most useful skills is his ability to chill the air around him, slowing down his enemies breathing and ultimately their movement. Can this blue-collar killer survive the games?

District 9: Killer Croc

A tribute known for living in the sewers, Killer Croc is a great representation of his poor district. He is a product of his environment and has nothing but anger and contempt for the Capitol and the other districts. He cares only about himself and wants nothing more than to kill those who are not like himself. Being a literal beast, he also has super strength, heightened senses, and a keen ability to hunt. If the arena was to be in a marsh or swamp, he could gain a great advantage.

District 10: Deathstroke

Slade Wilson wants nothing more than to fight and kill, but being stuck in a District full of cattle, he is forced to express his rage and desire to kill on the sluggish animals. Having spent many years driving his blades into flesh, he has become a proficient killer. Slade has volunteered for the honor to be in the games and nothing will stop him from earning the success that would allow him to practice his skills even further. He wants nothing more than to escape the monotony of living in his district with the cattle farmers, and only wants the chance to keep killing.

District 11: Bane

Being an abused district that is forced to supply a lot of food and cotton to the Capitol, Bane helps lead his people in this strenuous endeavor. Bane is a masterful tactician and uses these skills to organize his people and the farming of all of their crops. Through all of the hard farming, Bane has gained immense strength. Along with this constant physical exertion, the healthy crops in his district have helped keep him at the peak of human physicality. He has also created a compound from the herbs and crops called Venom that grants him massively increased strength, but make him less intelligent. He's learned a lot about food, and knows how to survive for weeks off of natural greens. Bane has even learned different combinations for making his Venom. If he is able to create it in the arena, that could be it for the other contestants.

District 12: Black Adam

Black Adam is a powerful man, but he rules his people with an iron fist. Regardless of the Capitol's requests, Adam leads his people how he thinks they should be led. He hopes to use this Hunger Games as an opportunity to not only show his strength but to also insight a revolution so that he may lead the people of all districts the way he believes they should be led. Adam has the drive, organization, and experience to achieve his plans. Will the other contestants be enough to stop this goliath of a man?

The Victor!

Alright guys, it's up to you to decide who would win this villain filled Hunger Games. Please let me know your reasoning for your choices in the comments below. I'd love to hear why your victor would champion all of these other fierce competitors! Remember, your reasoning might convince others to vote for your choice even if it may seem unlikely for them to win. Also, Katniss wasn't the strongest competitor in her games, yet she won so anything can happen! Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing who leaves with their life!



Who do you choose as the victor of the DC Villains Hunger Games?


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