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My love of movies stemmed directly from my parents. My mother influenced my love of animation through repeated viewings of Disney classics as well as Hayao Miyazaki films (particularly Kiki's Delivery Service). My father, on the other hand, really opened my eyes to different types of films, such as anything with Fred Astaire, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, and especially all things James Bond. Similar to me, the blogger PinkCurlers listed her all time favorite Dad movies, and I couldn't agree more with her choices.

Here are 5 amazing dad movies:

1. The Birdcage

The Birdcage is definitely one of my favorite movies. Robin Williams portrays one of the best on-screen fathers yet. He and his partner, Nathan Lane, change their lifestyle to appease their son's future in-laws: (Robin Williams' character's son is getting married to a woman with extremely conservative parents who would not approve of a gay couple who also happen to own and star in a gay club). This comedy, however, is able to discuss these topics through humor as well as moments of compassion.

Williams trying to teach Lane to be "manly"
Williams trying to teach Lane to be "manly"

2. Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride is definitely a must see! Its combination of hilarity and tenderness is perfectly balanced. Steve Martin's character development, particularly revolving around his daughter, is spot on. He goes from viewing her as a little girl to a woman about to get married.

3. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a classic story of a father willing to do anything for his son, even cross vast and dangerous oceans. Marlin is another father who undergoes major character development. He begins the movie as an overbearing protective dad who doesn't let Nemo really experience anything. After their insane experience, however, Marlin realizes that while loving your family is okay, smothering them is not.

4. The Road

The Road follows the story of a father and son in a post-apocalyptic world and their journey South. Despite all of the darkness they encounter, the father is always reminding his son that the only light he needs is the light inside himself: the fire. While this father is teaching his son survival skills, what makes him an amazing father is that he also never fails to remind him of morality and compassion.

5. My Father the Hero

My Father the Hero is a tradition in my family. Every Father's Day we pop it in the VCR player (yes, we still have one!). The movie is about a father who takes his daughter on a vacation. She is cold to him because he is not around often, her parents being divorced. As the vacation progresses, however, she uses him in her intricate web of lies to get a guy to like her. And, being a father trying to get his daughter to like him again, he goes along with it. This is a definite must see, especially if you like situational comedies!

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