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I am partial to beards. I can't help it! My dad has had facial hair for as long as I have been alive. No, I take that back. There were those three years, but we all try to forget about that. Anyway, this has caused me to love beards. Unless you have a creepy looking beard, where you look like you stepped out of backwoods Tennessee. Not those. What I am talking about are the manly beards.

There are many different beards in the movie world. Some have been mediocre, some should have been shaved, but there are those that have been amazing. These are the beards that should be praised.

Seneca Crane - The Hunger Games

This one gets on my list because of its unique style. The curls are my favorite part of this beard!

Tony Stark - The Avengers: Age of Ultron

This is another that rates on my list because of its style! Tony Stark loves style, and this beard supports that.

Aragorn - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Aragorn's ranger beard isn't exactly a beard. It is more like a glorified 5 o'clock shadow. However, you have to understand why he is on my list. Try imagining Aragorn without the beard. Exactly. The beard makes his character, that is why he deserves to be here!

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Star Wars: Episodes II & III

Now we step into the world of the real beards. Obi-Wan's beard reminds me a lot of my dad's. In fact, my dad gets mistaken for Obi-Wan and Chuck Norris. It's great!

King Leonidas - 300

This man's beard just screams man, no pun intended. Look at the arrows sticking out of his chest! Could he do that without the beard? I don't think so!

Hagrid - Harry Potter

Our big and lovable half-giant Hagrid! His beard adds to his kind features. He makes it on this list because, once again, try imagining our friend without his beard. Also, he could hide lots of stuff in that massive beard!

Captain Marko Ramius- The Hunt for Red October

Last, but definitely not least, Captain Marko Ramius' Soviet submarine beard. Sean Connery has one of the best beards, and his character in this movie has my favorite beard in the cinematic world!

These are some of my favorite beards, but there are so many more bearded men out there!


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