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This is a well made Gothic style haunting movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. This is about a young man played by Dan Radcliffe who needs to find and review paperwork including history on the house from a recently deceased woman who committed suicide in her own home.

Never did Daniel Radcliffe's character know that children have been taking their own lives due to the presence of a Woman in Black who haunts more than just the old house by the marshes.

I loved the tone of this movie it was dark and just depressing , every villager or citizen of the town looked at Radcliffe's character in fear and sadness no matter where he seemed to go. almost around every corner a child's death was to unfold or take place ,truly a terrifying concept.

I will stand by this movie calling it a scare fest, though like all recently made horror films their are way too many jump scares and a few horror clashes. For this movie I feel you can forgive it because it doesn't rely on them, to bring out this chilling story. Radcliffe's performance with the tone, and this urban legend concept of a woman taking the lives of children makes this movie stand on it's own better than most sloppy made horror films.


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