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Bruce Willis can't remember his lines, WITH the aid of cue cards. Yikes.

Yup, that's the news we've been given as we hear about Bruce Willis departing/fired off Woody Allen's latest film. Replacing him is Steve Carell.

I approve of Steve Carell in a Woody Allen film.
I approve of Steve Carell in a Woody Allen film.

Now, I do feel bad for Bruce Willis, old age is inevitable and it's effects on people are saddening. But, at the same time it's hard to feel bad for Brucie, he's had a history of on set feuds with various directors, such as Kevin Smith and Michael Bay. By the way, it's worth listening to every single time Kevin Smith talks about Bruce Willis, hilarious stuff; somehow the conversation on one of his many podcasts always ends up on Bruce Willis.

Kevin Smith went so far as to even saying that his experience working with Bruce Willis on Cop Out (2010) ruined all the preconceived notions and images he had of Willis were ruined, working on that film.

Most recently, Willis had a spat with Stallone for The Expendables 3. He was contracted to work for four days, and $3 million. Willis, wanted $4 million for four days. Apparently $3 million is chump change, and he quit the movie. Boy, me writing this article and these facts annoy me, and I don't know Bruce Willis personally.

He does seem to have hit the phase of curmudgeon old man really hard, and he excelled at it. He seems so disinterested in everything nowadays, even reading cue cards it seems.

The Woody Allen project is being kept under wraps, it stars Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and now Steve Carell.

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