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I moved out of Pinellas county in 2010.I couldn't get out of trouble I felt like I was just picked on mentally constantly. When I moved back from Tallahassee to holiday Florida in 2015.I had a bad feeling about it. I began meditating in Tallahassee and when I tried to do it here I was seriously disturbed by a presence. I would hear foot steps,chills and then a voice. A whisper in the air that could cause areas in the room to get I believe people are telekinetic but its not a requirement to be taught how to do things with their mind.this spirit in my house I only believed was dead because it made my face so white and cold, I looked like a dead person so I didn't just think it was another living person doing there obnoxious routine of Jedi b.s.but I did call it the devil and I'm pretty sure I pissed it off. ..because it's not....?And I've had so many conversations without words, just intent its crazy. I've been trying to close my eyes and flex my muscles,including the mind to see the energy that moves my body so I can see spirits better.but I'm a poor excuse for a person,I have next to nothing for abilities because of fornication.anyways this spirit or spirits is kind of an everyday thing and it's just a usual thing now. I could talk for days about this and get nowhere.this thing talks to itself sometimes ,well most of the time and it will say I'm an angle from heaven. .. which the devil technically is from heaven. Then it will throw in the name karmen. Which I thought was a name. no no. (Karlupstrus Rutherford medium energy neutrino) project .basically the study of braking down atoms to understand the creation of matter like understanding quarks. Gotta love Wikipedia.Although these are interesting topics I'm still cautious about how I learn because if I don't really know who's giving me these thoughts, I could be mislead by a seriously smart entity. I've realized doing nothing is sometimes the hardest thing to do. I mean this thing will present such disturbing situations you will hate talking.its hard to explain. Ex. If I say I'm glue and your rubber and it says no it's I'm rubber and your glue. The syntax of the presented flaw is why I have a difficult time with speaking. I've also began to believe I might not be in reality. Like I'm inside my mind and have someone playing God for me. Because our mind processes light and if you look at a star that's technically the past you just have to focus enough to see it.such as memories , spirits, I'm so amazed and entertained with what I am as a being.God is very cool. Just gotta be patient. Aww says the silent man....?he's silent how'd he do that. .. with your mind. .etc etc. Have a good one


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