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Most of us at some point in our life have played with the idea of changing this or that actor in a movie. For instance, "fan cast articles" have become increasingly popular on the net; every now and then when you read the comment section of certain websites you'll see people agreeing or disagreeing with the choices. However, one thing is clear: those types of articles are polarizing. On the other hand, if you think that making a fan cast selection is easy, you should think again. It's not that you just simply choose the first A-list actor available. Very much like a filmmaker, a fan cast requires a complicated selection process.

But if you don't like the idea of a fan cast movie, then you may like the idea of seeing some of your favorite movies re-imagined in an alternate universe. What about Marilyn Monroe starring in Kill Bill? Or Mickey Rourke playing Superman? If those weren't odd enough picks, what about Frank Langella in the Iron Man suit and Rutger Hauer being Thor? It sounds ridiculously far fetched and fun!!!

Independent artist Sean Hartter created a series of posters that he called "Alternate Universe Movie Posters" in which he re-imagines old time classic actors playing in modern blockbusters. Take a look at some of those amazing posters and judge for yourselves.

Let's start with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Can you possibly imagine Frank Langella as the playboy billionaire Tony Stark? No? Because I can't either! However, I like the idea of watching Rutger Hauer in the shoes of Thor. Besides, he was terrifying enough that not even Harrison Ford could stop him in Blade Runner, right?

If the '70s Avengers cast was weird, Sergio Leone's masterpiece choices for this reinvention were bizarre, to say the least. Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett in the lead role of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? That could only have happened in an alternate crazy universe. But you know what? I would pay to see the outcome with these actresses.

Matthew Vaughn directing a Batman movie in the '70s? And Michael Fassbender as Gotham's Caped Crusader? Well, I'd be lying if told you that this Batman à la Adam West doesn't intrigue me. The look and style resembles the Batman old school T.V. series of the 1960s perfectly. Even Christina Hendricks would do a sexy Catwoman.

Debates about who has been the best Joker incarnated are interminable. I believe all incarnations have fitted accordingly to their time and the film's necessities. With the upcoming Suicide Squad, buzz surrounding Jared Leto's Joker is enormous. Nonetheless, when I saw this Sean Hartter's creation I felt that Robert Downey Jr. would do an amazing Joker. Just look at him! And Jude Law as Batman. Some years ago this might have been an interesting idea but right now it's enough to see them in this poster.

The Nightmare On Elm Street series is one of my favorites in the horror genre. And Boris Karloff's Frankenstein, the first adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel, stands still as one of the most important and influential horror movies in the history of cinema. Therefore, this noirish style poster with Karloff taking on Freddy Krueger's character is capable of scaring people nowadays.

Sh** just got serious now! There's no X-Men movie that could be better than this one. I mean, check this cast: Grace Kelly as Jean Grey, James Dean as Cyclops, Marlon Brando as Iceman, Sir Alec Guinness as Professor Xavier AND Bela Lugosi as Magneto. Any filmmaker would have killed to have all these stars in one movie but an X-Men film with all those, sincerely, might have been the greatest in the history of superhero movies.

Last but not least, Marilyn Monroe will start her revenge against Bill, who is none other than John "Father of the Westerns" Wayne. This poster has the perfect 1970s look. I can perfectly picture the whole thing and if you add Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang song, this Kill Bill version would be as if Tarantino attempted Kill Bill Vol.2: a spaghetti western revenge tale.

What did you think? Can you think of any other iconic old actors who could take on modern characters' roles?


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