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The Visit, a film by the writer of “The Sixth Sense (1999),” “Signs (2002),” and “The Village (2004),” M. Night Shayamalan, two-time Oscar nominnee overwhelms the horror-fan audiences with his newest production “The Visit, (Deanna Dunagan, Kathryn Hahn).” Jason Blum (Insidious, Paranormal Activity) pairs up with Shayamalan to intensify the screams and the terror with the visual and special camera effects throughout the film.

Set in a farmhouse in the Pennsylvania woods, the home has all of the best ingredients of a spooky thriller. The audience is drawn in from the beginning with the lovely scenery of the quaintness of the house and the normalcy of the grandparents. Noticeably it is away from the watch and inspection of neighbors.

The trailer shows insanity at its best and at one point schizophrenia seems to be at the core of the movie and the next instance it could be daemonic possession. The two kids, Rebecca and Tyler Jamison, (Olivia Dejonge, Ed Oxenbould), are dropped at the train station by their humorous and exhausted looking mother. She seems to be looking forward to the week off from parenting and welcomes her parents’ invitation to have the kids spend some time in the country in the fresh air where she grew up.

At first, all is well and seems to be going as any grandparent/grandchildren visit would be with lots of food and lots of laughs, a little bit of social discomfort yet a knowledge and a security of safety and belonging. The two head up to bed and Pop-Pop (Peter McRobbie) follows letting them know that bedtime is at 9:30 and warns “It would probably be better if you stay in your room after that.”

Then, 10:47 rolls around and the two hear thumping, screaming, whining and scratching noises behind their closed bedroom door. Upon opening their door they can see that there is a woman scratching feverishly at the wall and she appears to be naked. The next line you hear is, “What the hell was that.” This scene definitely the beginning of a stream of wild events that have you pinned to your seat with eyes closed in fear of the next possible danger around the corner!

The following scene shows Pop-Pop in the barn with a shotgun in his mouth looking up fearfully saying, “I was just cleaning it.” There are scenes filled with the bizarre and tragic grandmother character on the verge of violence and insanity throughout. There are chase scenes, creaking doors, rocking chairs, a well, big metal locks, secret passageways, knives and even a Hansel and Gretel scene with cleaning the oven. Suspense, fear and chills will captivate all horror fans.

The two try time and again to warn their mother of the dangers lurking at her childhood home which she quickly ignores and assures them that it is only a short time and that it will be over before they know it. Again and again the two beg their mother to come to them until the terror is at a pinnacle and the sound in their voices forces her to make the decision to come and see what is happening at the farm. The scene shifts to a car flying down a dark highway and then crashing into something with their mother’s head being thrown into the windshield. Is all lost??? The movie opens on September 11th, mark your calendars and order your tickets ahead as it will surely be a hit.

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