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Figuring it out

I've been rewatching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I honestly can't get enough of this show. Charlie in my opinion is the best character. I love the music, it adds so much to the series. I've been watching it on my phone and my little cousins keep coming up to me trying to watch it and when I say no they try to sit as close as they can to hear, trying to figure out what's happening. This is one of the only shows that I can rewatch over and over again and not get tired of. My favorite episode is probably The Nightman Cometh. Now that the shows over I keep rewatching old episodes of other shows too. I don't have cable any more so Netflix is what I turn to. Thinking about getting Hulu Plus.... but is it worth it? I don't know what to watch next. Oh, and now that I don't have cable I can't watch the new season of Tosh.0...... and... American Horror Story: Hotel (which isn't until October). Cable I miss you so much....


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