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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Freddy Krueger and Leatherface are fake of course. But what if they weren't? How would America would react to their atrocious crimes?

Here's My Take.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We already have an idea of how America would handle a situation like this. Back in the 50's a serial killer named Ed Gein lived just like Leatherface's family did in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And of course Hollywood took that and ran with it. But if Leatherface and his family were real in today's time, America would lose its mind. To have a guy like Leatherface running around, sawing people to bits, AND not getting caught would surely cause nationwide panic.

Wanna know the scariest part? A psycho like Leatherface could 100% be real and chopping up body parts right now as you read this.

Friday The 13th

The first Friday The 13th with Jason's mom killing all those camp counselors would be quite a shock for America. Then Friday the 13th parts 2, 3, and 4 all take place within a couple days, and America is speechless. But it doesn't stop there. A few years go by and Jason comes back from the dead to wreak more havoc at Crystal Lake. And then continues to do this for several more YEARS. By this point Jason would be the most famous of America's serial killers. And would definitely be the a major part of the country's violent history. He would even cause a lot of speculation on what really happens after death.

Wanna know the scariest part? A psycho like Jason could definitely be chopping people up in a forest right now.

Child's Play

People won't even believe a ''Good Guy Doll'' is the reason for the murders. And will probably think the situation is just a cover up for the REAL serial killer. Even if there were witnesses or videos, a lot of people wouldn't buy it. Chucky, the serial killer doll would become a myth like Bigfoot.

Wanna know the scariest part? A doll like Chucky could definitely be killing people low key. But you won't believe that.

Halloween Murders

Michael's impact on America and especially Halloween would be tremendous. At first he'd just be neighborhood legend for stabbing his first sister to death. But after he escapes the mental asylum and kills throughout that night, he would instantly become one of the most famous serial killers in U.S history. By the fourth or fifth Halloween massacre though, American's would either stop celebrating Halloween all together, or change the general rules of the Holiday drastically. Kid's would probably start trick-r-treating in the afternoon and wouldn't be aloud to walk around by themselves anymore. And the fact that Michael never gets caught or killed would just make matters worse. He would always have people looking over there shoulders. And as October gets closer, Americans will sort of wait and watch for what tragedy is gonna happen this time.

Wanna know the scariest part? A madman like Michael Myers could definitely be looking inside your windows right now.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Like Chucky, Freddy Krueger will be a myth. Ask yourself this. If someone told you a man killed a group of teenagers from within their dreams, would you believe them? I didn't think so. Freddy would be engraved into popular culture just like Bigfoot is. Many people are gonna say they've encountered him. But no one is ever gonna have proof.

Wanna know the scary part? The original film was inspired by a kid who actually died in his sleep. He told his parents someone was trying to kill him In. His. Sleep.

We should really take a second and be thankful these guys aren't real. Or Are They?


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