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Superpowers may be cool, but in the real world, they are meaningless. The only real superpower is intellect and skill, all of which can be learned with ease. Any task can be accomplished, even the most obscure, seemingly impossible tasks. And it doesn't even require an inch of magic or superhuman abilities. All you need is science, knowledge and some damn good fighting skills.

The Mission:

For 150 years, treasure hunters have been after a lost missing treasure hidden by Abraham Lincoln himself during America's Civil War. It included all of the most prized artifacts of the United States at the time, like the real Declaration of Independence. Lincoln hid it in a place that only he knew of so that in the case of a total invasion, the most important artifacts would be protected.

There have been several rumors and legends regarding clues left by the late President, but none of the clues led to anything. Finally, you realized the only way to find this treasure is to go back in time and ask Honest Abe about the treasure yourself.

The catch? In order to not disrupt the space-time continuum and horrifically alter the past, you cannot interfere with the President anytime before his death. Every move he made and every word he said had a significant effect on the war. One slight change, and the war could have ended very differently.

In order to truly get the information out of the President, you must stop his assassination, then talk to him about the hidden treasure. But it can't end there. In order for it to have no significant effects on the future, you must assassinate him that night and frame John Wilkes Booth, his current murderer. All of this is to be done while only interacting with the President. One slip-up, and everything changes.

So, to put it simply, here is what you must do:

  • Go back in time to April 15, 1865
  • Stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at the theater
  • Question the President later that night, alone, about the treasure
  • Secretly assassinate the President yourself, and frame John Wilkes Booth for it

In order to accomplish this, you will need training. But it's not just training from anyone. You will need training from three of the world's greatest masters in their fields of knowledge. You will need...

1. Doc Brown's time travel knowledge

First, we need to call in the doctor, even though he may just be a mad scientist. Doctor Emmet Brown from Back to the Future not only can teach you how to build a time machine, but how to time travel properly without significantly altering the course of time and history.

Doc Brown would be able to teach you how to have 'time travel OCD' so that you observe every detail without changing everything forever. Also, his insight in different black markets could give you access to everything you need to build your own time machine from scratch, including the rare and expensive plutonium

2. Indiana Jones's historical knowledge and skills

As both an adventurer and college professor, Indiana Jones carries bountiful amounts of historical knowledge that is essential for your trip through time.

Not only would he be able to tell you the setting you are entering into and their cultural norms, but he would be able to share with you ways of blending in and being unseen at times when necessary without damaging anything essential.

With his help, you would be able to fit in perfectly in 1865. You would be able to be unseen while clogging John Wilkes Booth's gun so that it does not actually fire, and then remain unseen while sneaking into Lincoln's sleeping quarters to question him about the treasure.

3. Beatrix Kiddo's fighting abilities

Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill is a master of killing, even though she isn't always proud of it. The Bride has had training from all sorts of people, gaining numerous fighting and assassination skills that she could easily relay to you.

Her teachings could teach you first how to interrogate President Lincoln and ensure that you get the information out of him. She could also teach you the safest way of assassinating Lincoln (as bad as that sounds) while framing Booth. Due to the lack of our crime-solving technology during 1865, it would be very simple to frame Booth. Unfortunately, it would require two murders.

First, she would show you how to kill Lincoln properly without being caught. As soon as you have finished interrogating the President, you pretend to leave, then turn with the knife hidden in your clothes and slit his throat. After that, she would tell you to lie him down in his bed and put him in his sleeping position as though he had been murdered in his sleep. You would then leave a forged letter to John Wilkes Booth ordering him to murder the President on the floor of the President's chambers.

From there, she would instruct you to find John Wilkes Booth and kill him with the knife, but in his chest. You would then travel ahead 11 days to April 26, 1865 and leave John Wilkes Booth's body in a tobacco barn (where he had been caught in the current time line) and make it seem as though he had stabbed himself with the knife.

All of the skills needed for this scenario, and all the skills to improvise if caught, would be taught by the Bride who has had enough fighting experience herself to know how to pull this heist off. She would teach you how to perfect every detail so that no one would suspect it to be anyone but John Wilkes Booth.


Using the knowledge and training of Doc Brown, Indiana Jones and Beatrix Kiddo will ensure you the ability to travel back to 1865, save Lincoln's life, interrogate him, kill him, frame John Wilkes Booth, return to our time and find the treasure he had buried all those years ago. All of this could be done without significantly altering the course of time. You don't need laser vision or flight. All you need is a brain and two hands, and even the most impossible tasks in history are can be done with ease.


Is the training of these three masters enough to prepare you for this ultimate mission?


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