ByAndrew Slaton, writer at

To begin my Steven Spielberg movie marathon that's right I'm taking his most acclaimed movies going from Jaws to Lincoln. All to prepare myself for his movie coming out October 16th Bridge of Spies. To begin i watched Jaws. Jaws is a great movie. Now Jaws came out in 1975 and its a movie that changed the game. Jaws is the reason we have all of these Summer Blockbusters. Both Jaws and Star Wars created the Summer Blockbuster. Just the use of technology of showing the shark the animatronics to show Jaws still holds up to this day. Also you have the music the music which is constant thing in all Steven Spielberg movies all scored by John Williams. When you hear the music you know Jaws is coming. Just the music is fantastic. Also you have good performances all around.

Now is Jaws as great as movie as other of his movies no but Jaws is revolutionary for its time and we would not get many movies like Star Wars without Jaws. So I am going give the movie Jaws a 9 but add a .5 for its impact on movies in general. And remember to subscribe to me on youtube called DarthEasy where before Bridge of Spies comes out i will give you a Top 5 movies by Steven Spielberg. Now stay tuned to this page as i review more of Stephen Spielberg movies in the next few months.


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