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"You have to be what you are. Whatever you are, you gotta be it." -Johnny Cash. Tweet a tweeter at my twitty twitter, @tw1tterintw1t
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Odds are, most of us aren't going to get a taste of the life that Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence and the likes live. And we're totally cool with that. Kind of. A little. But once in a while, something...slightly extraordinary-ish happens. We're living our everyday lives, when out of nowhere, we perform this superhuman, insane act that makes us wonder if we really are ninjas or mutants in ordinary human bodies. But then, life happens, and in a blink of an eye, we realize we just had a really cool moment that may or may not ever happen again.

Here are some of those everyday, extraordinary moments where you become something or someone you've only seen in the movies!


If you've ever jogged outside, chances are, you've eaten one of these at some point:


And all of the sudden, you're this:

You may or may not have avoided the spiderweb of death, but you sure as hell moved faster than you ever have before! And cussed. A LOT.

Basketball Star

We've all done it. We wad up that piece of paper, shoot, and on the first try, score!

From that moment on, we're this fella:

xXx (Vin, not pr0n)

You're driving along, and you see this:

And you have this overpowering urge to do this:

Hopefully you don't, but you're tempted, so that counts, right?


You park your car, get out, shut the door, and while you're walking away, you hit a button and it locks...without even looking back!

Strutting away, you're no longer Joe Shmoe who works for Something Or Other Industries! You're Wolverine!

Super Spy Guy

Facebook bullies are everywhere, even though, chances are, they're harmless little wankers. But we've all seen this-

If it's a friend of yours, by gosh, you jump into action! After a few minutes of googling (and looking at their way-too-public-for-a-big-bully facebook page), you've found their home address, phone number, and have already fired off a few prank calls and nudey magazine subscriptions. You're this guy!


"Hey, dude! Catch!" It happens, and 99% of the time, I miss. But once in a blue moon, I don't!

I catch that stress ball!
I catch that stress ball!

In the event that i catch whatever a friend or coworker chucks at me, all of the sudden, I'm Peter Freakin Parker!


Never fails. Eye of the Tiger comes on pandora?

And you're out for a run or at the gym? Or poopin'? Doesn't matter what you're're Sly!

The Husband Hulk

Honey, would you open this pickle jar, you big strong man?

not pickles, but...ew...what are they?
not pickles, but...ew...what are they?



Ethan Hunt

See that door closing? You have to get through it before it closes! Preferably without touching it.

And boom! You're a spy guy-

Nuclear Bomb Disarming, World Saving Badass

Your sixth sense kicks in and you turn around and hit the stop button on the microwave-

RIGHT before it hits zero. You da man! You da bomb! And you stopped da bomb!


I make this look GOOD

Everyone remembers the first time we wore a suit, and pretty much every other time after that. Only, of course, if you don't ever wear one, like me.

What's that? Here comes the man in black!

that's right...we bad
that's right...we bad

Ethan Hunt again

See that shirt on the floor? Or that lingerie?

Kick that bizzatch up with your foot and catch it mid-air!

Parkour master

Who takes the stairs one at a time? Not this guy!

2 is bad to the bone. But once in a while, I'll do 3 just to tick off my slightly less caffeinated and quite less agile coworkers. When I do, I'm almost, ALMOST tempted to do this-


ALLLLLmost. Usually I just go and sit back down somewhere and eat a donut.

Am I missing some times in your life when your ordinary-ish stuff you do makes you feel like a superhero at heart? Sound off in the comments!


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