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Jay Vergara

Back in 2003 someone had the idea to put Freddy and Jason in the same movie and just have them go at it. Per the usual, mayhem ensued. But what if instead of trying to out kill each other, they were best friends in high school with Freddy giving Jason advice on how to get the girl of his dreams? Weird, right? Who would do something like that? As it turns out, Lowbarcomedy (awesome name, by the way) did.

This video has been up for close to a year and it definitely needs more views. A lot of familiar faces are in this five minute piece of trope-y awesomeness. It's like its creators had a meeting and challenged themselves with how many rom-com conventions they can shove in a five minute video. As it turns out, the answer is a lot and I can't thank them enough for it.

To check out more of their stuff, click the links below:

Can you name everyone in the video?


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