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1. An American Werewolf in London ~Blue Moon

I think this is one of the greatest horror movie scenes ever made. Undoubtedly, my favorite movie of all time.

2. The Devil's Rejects ~Free Bird

Rob Zombie's background as a musician compliments his ability to score his films perfectly.

3. Shaun of the Dead ~ Don't Stop Me Now

I love Shaun of the Dead, especially this scene. The dart to the head is priceless.

4. American Psycho ~ Hip to be Square

Ax rage at it's finest. Fun fact, Leonardo Dicaprio backed out from this role because he didn't want to taint his Titanic image.

5. Silence of the Lambs ~ Goodbye Horses

I'm at a loss for words with this one.

6. Jeepers Creepers ~ Jeepers Creepers

Obvious perfect song choice. The creepiest part of this whole movie is Darry's rose tattoo.

What song's can you add to the list?


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