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How Man of Steel is related to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of the Justice?

We have gone through several explanations on why Batman goes against Superman. If you have not known any such explanation then there are some videos on YouTube which link the scenes of Batman vs Superman with Man of Steel please go through them. Many saw in the trailer of Batman vs Superman that the Wayne Tower getting destroyed by Zod and Superman but clearly it is not the Wayne Tower alone which was destroyed. There is something more than that. Go through this article to know more.

I watched man of steel many times that I noticed one more link between the two movies. At the end of Man of Steel, Superman fights General Zod. We all know that this caused a huge destruction by these behemoths but what many did not notice is that General Zod takes down a satellite which belongs to Bruce Wayne. Are you still confused about it? Take a peek into this 36 seconds video.

If you have keen perception then you might have noticed that the satellite belonged to Bruce Wayne.

Batman going against Superman is inevitable but this can also be one of the reason about why Batman is mad at Superman. So let us wait and see how much more interesting the movies turns out to be. If you guys find anything more then let me know. After all we are waiting for some awesome fight between Batman and Superman.

And one more thing about Man of Steel is that they dropped hints about Lex Luthor in the movie. Check the photos below.

Are you excited for more hints?


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