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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is one of my most anticipated Marvel movies in memory! Marvel has never been big on developing their menacing villains so a movie where you don't even know who the bad guy is seems amazing! I guess the allure of it is not that we don't know even which side to root for. Drawing on some notes from X-Men: First Class, this film is going to show us two of our favorite Avengers going head to head. This is a battle I'm dying to see!

On that note, Marvel just released some art to shows us the teams.

Cap's Team

Iron Man's Team

On Captain America's Team is Hawkeye, Agent 13, The Falcon, and Winter Soldier, while Iron Man has The War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and The Vision. The art looks awesome, everyone seems to be ready to duke it out in 2016 but I'm still left with a few questions:

1. Where's Scarlet Witch?

Wasn't she part of the Avengers at the end of the last film? So why isn't she here? A theory's been going around that she's the catalyst to the Civil War. Speculation says that Scarlet Witch caused a large disaster in the midst of a fight that harmed or even killed a lot of innocent people, then got chucked in jail causing friction between the rest of the Avengers.

2. Black Widow and Hawkeye are on opposite sides!?

Both were long time Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D so it was strange for me to see Black Widow and Hawkeye on opposing teams. You can tell from the last Avengers movies that these two are extremely close (Hawkeye was going to name his child after her), and now they're going to fight each other? Hopefully their friendship can endue this battle and Hawkeye can return to his random family on the hills with his newborn Nathaniel.

3. Iron Man's team looks so OP

Hawkeye said it best:

"The city is flying! We're fighting an army of robots! And I have a bow and arrow! None of this makes sense!"

So how is a bunch of soldiers, albeit very well trained and equipped soldiers, supposed to battle something like the Vision! Iron Man has brute force in the War Machine, two geniuses and a god-like flying man with an actual infinity stone embedded in his head! I'm not saying place all your bets but it's definitely going to be a challenging fight for Captain America.

4. Is Black Widow going to double cross Stark?

Theories are going around that Black Widow is actually on Captain America's team. Obviously they bonded in the second Captain America movie, but she did debut in Iron Man 2. So who can say who she supports the most? But because she was so close to Cap and Hawkeye, people are saying she's on Stark's side to spy on their plans. Who knows if it's true but espionage could really spice up this film.

5. What team is Spider-Man on?

Finally, where's Spider-Man? He was a massive part of Civil War in the comics so people are expecting him to have some sort of role in the film, however, it is confirmed that Spider-Man is only going to cameo in the third Captain America. So even if he chose a side, he would likely not play a big part. I guess it's sad to not hear some sarcastic, witty, lines swing around in this film, but I'm sure we have enough people to keep us entertained.


Which side are you on?


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