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The new DC Cinematic Universe: the DCEU, just started and we are all super excited to see our favourite heroes, like Batman, on the Big Screen, but, what about the villains? Batman is nothing without his villains so here, i present you my Batman Rogues dream cast:

Jared Leto- Joker

Emma Stone- Harley Quinn/ Harleen Quinzel

Keira Knightley- Catwoman/ Selina Kyle

Scott Adkins- Talon/ William Cobb

Alex Breckenridge- Poison Ivy

Timothy Spall- Penguin/ Oswal Cobblepot

Andrew Scott- The Riddler/ Edward Nygma

Stanley Tucci- Mr. Freeze/ Victor Fries

Evan Peters- Scarecrow/ Dr. Jonathan Crane

Dominic Purcell- Killer Croc/ Waylon Jones

Matthew Willig- Bane

Eric Bana- Hush/ Thomas Helliot

Edward Norton- Two-Face/ Harvey Dent

Ben Kingsley- Hugo Strange

Peter Dinklage- Mad Hatter/ Jervis Tetch

Mads Mikkelsen- Black Mask/ Roman Sionis

Adrien Brody- Man-Bat/ Kirk Langstrom

Al Pacino- Carmine Falcone

Doug Jones- Clayface

Alfred Molina- Calendar Man

Ben Foster-Mr. Zsasz/ Victor Zsasz

Victor Garber- The Ventriloquist/ Arnold Wesker

Will Smith/ Andrew Lincoln- Deadshot/ Floyd Lawton

Joe Manganiello- Deathsroke/ Slade Wilson

Jason Isaacs- Ra's Al Ghul

Mila Kunis- Talia Al Ghul

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What do you think of my choices?


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