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Superhero movies are my life.
David Weber
...r assassinated Howard Stark (amongst others), that that would be the catalyst.Now Cap wants to recruit Bucky, meanwhile claiming he ha "no dark side", but hides Tonys parents true killers identity.That is what causes the distrust, the personal vendetta. In the 3rd acts final, climatic battle scene,Ironman wears the Bleeding Edge Armor, fights Cap & Bucky, HUGE repulsor blast aimed for Bucky "kills" Cap when he sacrifices himself.The Winter Soldier picks up the shield.Tony mourns.Our heroes are still split (or "dead") at end of Civil War.And we see our 3rd (and final), post credits Thanos scene.Obviously the Mad Titan couldnt be happier.We se him arrive at Asgard.We see Dr.Strange, somehow learning about Thanos' existence through interdimensional teavel (perhaps after being enlightened to another infinity soul through his master?).I believe Civil War will not a resolving story line/plot, but rather, leave us scared, confused, wondering what will happen to our heroes, now even more divided, full of animosity, distrusting, unorganized. We as fans should expect to be saddened. To be torn.The darkest Marvel movie yet-ti Ragnorok.

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