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DC doesn't seem to know how to break from the old ways. Comics stay on their side, tv stays on it's side, and movies stay on theirs. Resulting in a disjointed media universe that changes character histories, hurts popular TV shows, and makes mediocre movies.

The Flash is an amazing TV show. Expertly run and written. They made Rainbow Raider cool!! Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen to perfection. His "team" is perfectly balanced. The familial relationships with his father and with Joe is better than any drama on TV. Tom Cavanagh's Revers Flash is amazing. For a first season show it was perfection. Next season will prove to be equally if not more astounding. A whole team of Speedsters is coming.

Arrow proved the superhero show could be done right. The second season brought us a suicide squad. One of the show's best episode's ever. They even teased Harley. The third season was alright, leaning a little heavily on a Batman storyline. Otherwise this show is amazing.

You may be wondering why I'm praising these shows with a negative headline. Well, the system DC is using is hurting the potential for a phenomenal universe. Arrow and Flash have had to take characters they used and fleshed out well off the table. Why? There going to be in the movies, so, the shows lose access to them. How the heck does that make sense? Arrow lost Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, and a possible Harleyquinn. Apparently, because DC segregates its media we won't have the persistent universe that Marvel has had the foresight to build.

The biggest transgression so far, casting a different actor to play Barry Allen in the movies?!? Grant Gustin is beloved by millions already, and won an award half a season in I might add, as the Flash. Now Marvel wouldn't think consider changing who played Captain America between a TV show and a movie. So, it begs the question, why in the multiverse would DC shackle itself to such old business models?

I can forgive them for Batfleck. But, this type of divided universe tactic is as unforgivable as Green Lantern. DC should stop hurting it's TV universe and integrate them both together. Marcel's proven it works when you cross TV and cinematic universes together. I love you DC,but, wake up!


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