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In a world where crime runs rampant, the city streets are never safe, and where the cops are futile in their attempts to stop it, the world needs these incredibly skilled students to make it stop. I am pitting the former boy wonder against the mutant ninja turtle in a battle to the death to see who was trained by the better master and who is the better crime fighter.


The first protege to the Dark Knight, Dick Grayson was without a doubt his best student, and most skilled. With skills that allowed him to take up the mantle of Batman at one point, Dick Grayson is incredibly skilled and should not be underestimated due to his former years as Robin, the Boy Wonder.


  • Peak Athletic Physical Attributes- Dick Grayson possesses incredible strength, speed, durability, and stamina for a normal man. Participating in extreme training exercises ever since he was in his early twenties, Dick Grayson is now above Olympic level when it comes to physicality.
  • Master Martial Artist- Being trained by the Dark Knight himself, and many more individuals throughout his career, Nightwing possesses hand to hand fighting skills that allows him to rival even the likes of Batman, making him one of the most skilled fighters in the DC Universe.
  • Incredibly Intelligent- Nightwing is a master detective, allowing him to solve crimes and fight criminals perfectly. Being taught many studies by Batman, Nightwing is a master in many arts like Escapology, Stealth, etc.
  • Twin Eskrima Sticks- Nightwing mainly utilizes dual Eskrima sticks in combat, allowing him to use blunt force against his opponents.
  • Batarangs- Nightwing possesses his own unique Batarangs, which range from explosive, to electric, to regular, etc.
  • Gas Capsules- Nightwing also utilizes small capsules to blind and disorient his opponents.
  • Incredibly Agile/Acrobatic- Being a former circus performer, Dick Grayson was trained efficiently by Batman to be at the peak of acrobatics and agility. Being able to traverse the city without the need of a grappling hook shows Nightwing's skill in maneuverability and acrobatics.

Alright, Nightwing is definitely not someone you would want to mess with, unless you're a giant mutant ninja Turtle.


One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo is a trained master in the way of being a Ninja. Trained by Master Splinter, a Elderly Mutant Ninja Rat, Leonardo is one of the greatest ninjas in fiction.


  • Master Hand to Hand fighter- Leonardo is definitely the most skilled fighter among his brothers. He has been able to hold his own against the Shredder alone, something his brothers were never able to accomplish.
  • Master Strategist- Being the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo must use strategy combined with stealth in order to stop their enemies, which he has done on multiple occasions.
  • Incredibly Stealthy- Being a ninja, Leonardo relies on using stealth in battle. This allows him and his brothers to gain an advantage against his opponents.
  • Dual Katanas- Leonardo is a master swordsman, utilizing 2 short katanas as his primary weapons. Being incredibly efficient with them, Leonardo has been able to challenge all sorts of foes with these blades, proving his skill.
  • Superhuman Strength- Leonardo has strength that surpasses any human due to him being a large mutated turtle. While not being the strongest among his brothers, he is still stronger than any mere human.
  • Superhuman Durability- Leonardo, being a turtle, possesses a hard and durable shell, that is durable enough to withstand bullets. However, his limbs and head are still vulnerable for attack, but as a turtle, Leonardo can quickly retract his limbs into his shell for complete protection, but with the price of no mobility.


(Killer Croc is seen running through the sewers of New York City. Crawling alongside the walls as an engine is heard in the background, revealing Nightwing riding a motorcycle.)

Nightwing: Got ya, Croc.

(Nightwing throws multiple batarangs at Killer Croc, electrocuting him, but he endures the attack and continues to try and escape.)

Killer Croc: I'm too powerful for you, kid!

(Killer Croc stops and slams his fist down onto Nightwing's bike, causing Nightwing to fly in the air, flipping over Killer Croc. Nightwing lands on his feet and takes out his dual eskrima sticks. Killer Croc lunges at Nightwing, only for an unseen figure to drop down from above, kicking Nightwing into a wall and slicing his sword through Killer Croc's head, decapitating him. The figure is seen to be Leonardo, who looks back at Nightwing.)

Leonardo: Who are you?

Nightwing: Another mutant, eh? Time to put you in your place you freak!

(Leonardo looks in confusion while Nightwing gets into a fighting position, spinning his Eskrima sticks around with incredible skill. Leonardo then does the same with his Katanas. The 2 run at eachother, swinging their weapons at eachother. The Eskrima Sticks and Katanas swing against one another, creating sparks. Nightwing Jumps in the air and rolls forward, swinging his foot into Leonardo's back, doing nothing due to his shell. Leonardo spins around and swings his foot into Nightwing, who rolls to the side in mid air, narrowly dodging Leonardo's foot. Nightwing lands on his feet and swings his Eskrima stick into Leonardo's foot, then bashes the other one into Leonardo's head. Leonardo kicks Nightwing, sending him flying into a wall. Leonardo jumps in the air and rolls forward, sending his katanas down onto Nightwing, who blocks them by crossing his eskrima sticks. Ngihtwing moves the swords to the side and kicks Leonardo in the face, only for Leonardo to spin around and kick Nightwing in the back. Nightwing dodges this by jumps in the air, avoiding Leonardo's foot, allowing Nightwing to quickly spin around, kicking Leonardo in the face, then hitting him in the face with one of his Eskrima sticks. Leonardo stumbles back, then gets angry, charging at Nightwing. Leonardo swings his swords around, forcing Nightwing to rely on his agility and acrobatics to avoid the blades. Nightwing succeeds in dodging them, but is then unexpectedly kicked in the head by Leonardo, sending him crashing into a wall. Leonardo lunges one katana into his chest, only for Nightwing to roll to the side and throw a gas pellet into Leonardo's face, stunning him. Leonardo stumbles back with Nightwing bashing him over and over again, utilizing his feet and eskrima sticks. Leonardo recuperates and slashes his swords at Nightwing, slashing his arm and shoulder. Leonardo then rams into Nightwing, crashing him into a wall and into another part of the sewer. Leonardo grabs Nightwing and throws him in the air and as he falls, Leonardo kicks him, sending him crashing him into a wall. Leonardo then thrusts one katana into his gut, only for Nightwing to move to the side, getting his side cut open. Nightwing then hits Leonardo with an Eskrima stick two times rapidly. Leonardo then dodges his strikes and sweep kicks Nightwing and attempts to slam his katana down into Nightwing, who rolls to the side, throwing a batarang at Leonardo, only for the batarang to deflect away against Leonardo's shell.)

Leonardo: You're going to have to do better than that to take me out.

(Nightwing smiles and throws 2 explosive batarangs at Leonardo, blasting him back into a wall. Leonardo looks forward and is kicked in the face by Nightwing. Leonardo thrusts his katana, slashing against Nightwing's stomach while Nightwing slams an electric batarang into the back of Leonardo's neck, electrocuting him. This forces Leonardo to retract his limbs into his shell to protect himself from Nightwing, who grabs Leonardo's 2 katanas and slams them down onto Leonardo, but fails to penetrate it.)

Nightwing: Can't hide in there forever.

(Leonardo's leg protrudes from the shell and kicks Nightwing's legs, allowing Leonardo to perform a back flip, with all of his limbs and head popping out, kicking Nightwing in the face, sending him flying in the air. Nightwing lands on his feet and runs at Leonardo with his own katanas. Leonardo dodges Nightwing's sword swings, then grabs both of his hands and intends to crush them. Nightwing yells in pain, then jumps in the air and bends his legs backwards over his head, slamming them into Leonardo's face. This frees Nightwing, who swings the swords around and decapitates Leonardo, killing him. Leonardo falls down and Nightwing drops the 2 swords.)

Winner = Nightwing.

Reason: Leonardo may have the strength and durability advantage, and his Katanas will allow him to deal more damage to Nightwing then Nightwing's Eskrima Sticks can deal to Leonardo, but Nightwing has gone through much more rigorous training regimes. Batman has trained him to be the best and has trained him to deal with foes like Leonardo. While Splinter is incredibly skilled in martial arts, Leonardo was only trained in Ninjutsu, while Nightwing was trained in over 12 martial arts, which he has mastered. Nightwing is also more faster and agile, allowing him to dodge more of Leonardo's attacks and deliver just as much, if not, more. This will weaken Leonardo over time and eventually allowing Nightwing to deliver a fatal blow that will take Leonardo out for the count.


War Machine
War Machine



Hello everyone, and thank you for reading my Battle Arena. I hope you enjoyed and tune in for the next one. :)


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