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2016 is set to be a great year for superhero movies. Batman and Superman will grace the big screen with their Justice League prequel Dawn of Justice, and Deadpool will finally get to make our dreams come true by being the raunchy SOB we all know and love (instead of "Barakapool"). But the real mystery of the coming year is Marvel Studio's Captain America: Civil War, which just recently allowed the release of these two images:

Team Stark Promotional Art
Team Stark Promotional Art
Team Cap Promotional Art
Team Cap Promotional Art

Considering the only officially released footage of the film consists of exclusive teasers and trailers from D23 and SDCC, it's interesting that Marvel would even allow these images to already be released. Even more interesting is the fact that new Avengers' member Scarlet Witch does not appear in either team's roster. Some people have said that it is also strange that Spider-Man does not appear either, but the simple conclusion is that Marvel would like to save his reveal for the movie; similar to how they tried to save Vision's reveal in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

My theory as to why Scarlet Witch is absent is that she had some part in causing the explosion that jumpstarts the Superhuman Registration Accords. Several sources say that the movie opens with a mission to capture the villain Crossbones in an urban setting. Supposedly, Crossbones has a "kill-pack" of explosives on his armor, which he detonates in order to kill thousands of people and blame the Avengers. Scarlet Witch apparently tries to levitate the explosives high in the air, but the blast radius is still massive and kills a ton of people. Due to this mishap, Scarlet Witch is both remorseful for her "crimes" and allows herself to be detained by the government, similar to Speedball from the original Civil War storyline in the comics.

Now, understand this is purely speculation based on leaked info about the movie and not fact. I hope you enjoyed my first article!


Where do you think Scarlet Witch is during Captain America: Civil War?


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