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With Captain America: Civil War about 9 months away and no trailer yet I thought why not do a 10 things we want to see as this is probably the most hyped Marvel movie since Avengers.

Spoilers if you are not up to date with all things MARVEL

You have been warned

1. Bring in the Inhumans

In the season 2 finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D they created a way to introduce Inhumans on a global level which would make an interesting plot for civil war with several civilians gaining powers which they cannot control, which could be a reason for a registration act and also connects the TV shows directly ie: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D & Daredevil.

2. Make it more like Winter Soldier than Avengers

Civil war is a very serious story in MARVEL comics, many fans excepted Avengers: Age of Ultron to be very serious and dark but turned out to be a lot lighter than expected with loads of humour where on the other hand Captain America: Winter Soldier is a more tense serious spy thriller with slight humour and with the directors of Winter Soldier being used again hopefully this is the case.

3.Make it a war not a discussion

When hearings some reviews of the footage from D23 its been said that it doesn't seem like a Civil War but a Civil Discussion hopefully that's not the case, it is supposed to be opposing sides of a opinion but at the end of the day a war and should last months maybe even a year.

4. Let there be risks

Yet again it is a war so some people get hurt, maybe die and some are effected for some time by PTSD, war wounds ect, There has to be risk it cant end with everything is back to normal.

5. Non Bias

Even though it is a Captain America based story and is focused on cap it shouldn't be he is right and Tony, is wrong there shouldn't be a bad guy it should be two opposing opinions a ideals and truths scenario which which would make Tony a unique antagonist cause he is arguably right.

6. New characters given time to develop

Characters like Black Panther & Spiderman are being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU and should be given more of the screen time than others to first introduce and develop the characters before there films it also gets us use to these characters when the others (Cap, Iron man, Thor) leave or are killed.

7. Introduction of the Thunderbolts.

The Thunderbolts are an interesting group of characters that Marvel has similar to DC's Suicide Squad they are a group of villains that are recruited by Iron Man to take down/hunt super villains which would be their chance at redemption.

This is possible because of the reappearance of General thunderbolt Ross who is a member and sometimes leader of the thunderbolts so possibly the thunderbolts are recruited/formed to take down hulk.

8. Plot twists

Like any movie we want plot twists, Scarlet Witch seems like the obvious one to use for a plot twist if it's what side she is on or a house of M type event or bringing back villains from the dead ect. this seems more and more plausible cause with the team photos that came out recently she isn't anywhere.

9. Some old faces coming back

Like I said before General Ross is making his return since the Incredible Hulk, it would be awesome is other characters did also cause this event will effect pretty much the entire world for months maybe years, so seeing characters like Betty Ross, Abomination, Justin hammer, Trevor Slattery (fake mandarin) would be huge fan service and awesome to see.

10. Awesome Action Scenes

This films fight scenes are going to be ridiculously fun and different cause of all the unique power and abilities that are there it is going to be something else, personally really want to see a Ant-Man Hawkeye combo move, also Spiderman and Black Panther will bring some new fight styles to it which will be interesting.


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