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So if you fallow the pattern the next GTA will have a new map. Let's go through the history of the series.

The first Gta was released on PS1 in 97/98.

We look at it now and think it sucked, but think of it this way - if it really sucked then there wouldn't be 10+ more games like it.

The next GTA was released in 99...

So barely a year later, then about 2 years later R* ( Aka rockstar) released the 3rd GTA in October of 2001. if I were to predict when the next one would come out I would say maybe 2-3 years later.

According to -

"Released in North America on October 27, 2002, GTA: Vice City quickly became the best-selling PS2 game for that year, and is currently listed as the best-selling PS2 game of all time, with over 17 million sold."

So I was wrong. Vice City came out a year later. But so far according to this San Andreas will come out in October of 2004. Check the link I gave you. Am I right?? Are you finding a pattern with this?? The next GTA (liberty city stories) came out in October 2005. The next GTA (vice city stories) came out almost 2 years later (march 2007).

Now GTA IV came out a year and about a month later (April 29th 2008).

The site I'm getting this from doesn't tell when "the lost and the damned" was released - I'm guessing in around August of 2010.

Now I know GTA V came out around September 7-11th 2013.

So if they continue this pattern I assume GTA 6 will come out in November of 2018 considering R* spent 5 years on GTA 5 it may come out sooner hopefully no later than November of 2018.

What I'd like to see in GTA 6

R*'s map pattern is, they repeated all their maps. The names vice city stories, liberty city stories and GTA V (repeats San Andreas map) proves that.and all their maps have taken place in hi populated places so GTA 6 may take place in somewhere like new York except they won't call it that.

I'm also kinda hoping they give the option to eat and go to the gym like San Andreas and many the option to use the bathroom.

Jail time

Since R* is trying to make the gta series more realistic I would like to request a jail time feacher or at least a mission were you have to either break out or break someone else out of prison many both.

Health bar

I'm hoping they use the number health like III down did because I liked seeing the exact number of health I was on but I kinda know they won't. and I also love the regeneration of health below half that GTA V has.

That's all I have please don't hesatate to leave what you think about this in c the comments.

Thanks for reading this and have a blessed day!


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