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Let me be the first to say that I was the number one supporter of this show when it was coming up on Fox. I thought to myself, "Batman has been done to death lately, let's get a series that focuses on Gordon and Gotham Central". You see, in the comics- before Batman and super villains ruled over Gotham- the mob ran everything. Gotham was at the hands at mobsters like Falcone and Maroni, who payed off cops to get them off their back and ran Gotham. Now a new and fresh cop has arrived to Gotham, Jim Gordon, and with the help of his bitter and somewhat corrupt partner, Harvey Bullock, they are going to clean up Gotham and help a recent orphan billionaire named Bruce Wayne solve his parent's murder.

Doesn't that sound like a good show? Doesn't that sound fresh, new, and innovative towards the Batman series? Now, the first episode was good. It gave the base of what a corrupt cesspool Gotham should be. The cops suck, the mob runs everything, and everywhere you turn, there's crime. Characters such as Oswald Cobbelpot (The Penguin), Fish Mooney, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Bullock were strong presences in this then new shoe. Sure there were a few flubs like Poison Ivy's name Pamela Isley becoming "Ivy" Pepper and the horrible portrayal of Gordon's ex-wife, Barbara Kean, but I was very optimistic for the future. The highlight was Penguin. He was portrayed perfectly as a twisted schemer who's working his way to be the kingpin we know he will eventually become. Fish Mooney was a strong and intimidating female character who gave the other actresses in the show a run for their money.The murder of the Waynes was nicely redone with a more-or-less added sense of intrigue and mystery (even though most of us should know who it is).

Going further into the future of Gotham, I started getting weary of what the show was becoming. The show slowly began to stray away from the crime aspect for Gotham into more of a "freak of the week" type show. There was Balloon Man and "Eye-gouging Guy" who just showed up to cause trouble and then never come back. There was still an element of the crime elements in there but it was starting to get overshadowed by this parade of future Batman villains. It was clear from the marketing that Penguin, Cat-woman, and even Riddler were going to be regular appearance on the show. It showed itself as Oswald's rise to power, Selina's childhood, and Nigma's fall into his Riddler madness. Riddler was a fail for me as soon as he arrived on my screen. He was a pretty much a Big-Bang-Theory-archetype; that being a nervous, awkward, almost anti-social type character. Now Riddler in the comics is a bit strange and eccentric but he is definitely not a "Sheldon Cooper" type character. Selina's character also began to wear thin. Her character motivations became rather erratic from helping Gordon find the Waynes' killer to then simply reusing and living with Bruce to help him find his parent's killer to then running away and joining Fish Mooney. Catwoman in the comics does flip flop but she usually has reason to back up her choices. Selena in the show also likes to be called "Cat" which aggravates me just a little bit sense it's just a device for audiences to get that she will be Catwoman (if the ears weren't a dead give away already).

Gotham's main issue appears to be its unnecessary need to shove in Batman villains to appease the masses. So far we have had villains and references to villains such as such as Scarecrow, Electrocutioner, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Riddler, Black Mask, Catwoman, Joker, Two-Face and possibly more I've might've missed before the end of my viewing of the show. That is a lot to stomach and shove into in only one season of television. They have this urge to shove names and symbolism at you that you shouldn't need; examples being Jonathan Cranes' (Scarecrow) fear of scarecrows or Harvey Dent's (Two-Face) coin and bipolar tendencies. IT's rather insulting to the general public and an annoyance to comic fans. Winks and nods are all finally good but there's a difference between giving hints and blindly symbolizing the character with obvious speech. Penguin along with the other mobster characters would've definitely sufficed for the show's villains because they were interesting and driven. For some reason the heads of the show thought that the viewers to too uncultured to enjoy mob stories with intrigue and instead thought the audience wanted Batman villains with no Batman (which of course makes 0 sense).

The last straw in my then declining interest in Gotham came with just one seen. That's all it took; just one scene that made my blood boil and made me change the channel never to return.

Jerome from Gotham on Fox
Jerome from Gotham on Fox

Yep, in 1 season of Gotham, maybe over half of its season, they introduce Jerome aka *sigh The Joker. I saw that they had teased this is a tv spot but I thought it to be a fake out and that they really weren't desperate enough to bring in Joker so soon into the series. Those hopes were dashed as soon as he laughed. It wasn't just jumping the gun, it was jumping over 50 tanks. Don't get me wrong, he is a marvelous Joker, but he doesn't fit in with what the Joker is. Yes, Joker's origin is not "definitive" but it is usually the case that without Batman there is no Joker. Also as season 2 comes up, it seems he's just going to be Joker without the make up. So he's just going to run around killing people for another 10 years until Batman shows up?

It's safe to say that I won't be turning to Gotham next season any time soon. What about you? Does Gotham make your comic blood boil or do you actually care for it? Give me a click and tell me what you think.


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