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You remember that Flash Wondercon trailer that made people completely lose their minds? If not, I have posted it here.

Yes, that one. Well I'm binge watching the X-Files in order to catch up before the revival comes on in January and today I got to episode 4.20, which like the image above from the Flash's 19th episode, is (Spoilers) about shapeshifters. The episodes have some very strange similarities, but the most important is that both Barry Allen and Fox Mulder end up unconscious and locked up somewhere while someone else pretends to be them. And both the shapeshifters in question decide to have a little fun.

The effect of this is that writer can give the watcher exactly what they want without actually giving them anything. To the people watching this can be seen, depending on your shipping preferences, as cruel but it is in fact brilliant. I say this because we get to learn about the characters that are being duped. Caitlin has no idea that Barry has been hogtied in his closet the same way that Scully has no idea that Mulder is locked in a janitor's closet in West Virginia. So both their reactions are genuine even though the watcher's emotional payoff isn't the same. When Iris walks in and Caitlin starts babbling about nothing, we laugh because we know why. In the case of the X-Files, Mulder walks in on himself, which I don't know about you, but I was dying laughing at that point. So while being about a lie it reveals the truth, even if only three parties know about it.

What do y'all think? Am I reading too much into this or does it make sense? Also, if there are other instances I missed, please tell me.


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