ByRoxana Ana Hociung, writer at

Hello my fellows, this summer I was about to do many things but I ended laying in bed and eating.. very bad. So with no more introduce, I have the honor to present

My mission :Steal Madonna 's Phone

(Sorry Madonna, I love you but I have to do this, because I really want to win )

So, guys it's not a peace of cake, Never Ever someone do this before. But I'll give the phone back, don't worry (or not). Anyway

The 3 Abilities I need to succeed are:

I. Sweetness (Steven Universe:Steven Universe)

Who doesn't LOVE Steven Universe? Every one love Steven. With his sweeeet face and his... everything Madonna will love him very much, that her will want to be Steven friend.

II. Subtle (Pascal:Tangled )

"Now you see me, now you don't. "

After I get infiltrated in her circle of close friend I will be subtle. I will be anywhere but when you don't look..I do what I want. So thus is the part when I can "borrow" her phone.

III. Travel skills (Doctor Who:Doctor Who)

What power is more cooler that go whenever you want, when you want, and get back just in time for the meal... and to return the phone back. That is just perfect, if you ask me!

So? What do you think? I would finish alive my mission?


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