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Just when you think you've thought about everything having to do with The Walking Dead, you discover one question you haven't ever really asked anyone else. Even Google! That question for me this morning was this: in the countless cemeteries across the world, what is going on under all those tombstones and in those mausoleums, where all those bodies are that died before the apocalypse broke out?

Are the bodies all reanimated and stuck in their tombs? Or because they died before the outbreak of the virus that turns you into the undead, are they still just gooey, unmoving, empty meatsacks? Are they safe from the virus in their airtight coffins and their sealed mausoleums? Or does the virus penetrate every form of solid matter and infect every single living thing on the planet? Except animals, of course. Still not sure why we haven't see these little fellas yet:

If the long-dead deadheads aren't infected, then that's the end of the story. No rotting hands busting through the ground, which would be kinda cool to see this season!

If the virus can get to them, how many years would it take them to dig their way out? As we saw with michonne's "pets":

When a walker's arms and lower jaw are all removed, they lose the ability to eat people, and become docile, in a matter of speaking. So if the buried do get infected, they've been there for 5 seasons, so they probably wouldn't care too much about getting their meal on. The thing that would trigger them to start digging their way out would be voices, but you don't see many people making camp in cemeteries, right? Who would want to do that in a zombie apocalypse anyway?

You might have a problem if you have a bunch of shallow, unmarked graves, though...

One of the only times I can remember a walker emerging from underground from the series is in Too Far Gone is the zombie buried in the mud under the sign Meghan digs up, who just couldn't quite dig his/her way out without a little help.

Not completely sure how he/she got buried...maybe a flash flood drowned his/her group and they were stuck in the mud after the waters receded. MAN what a crappy way to go!

I think a crazy surprise in season 6 that would make things even harder on Rick's crew and everyone else still living, besides Negan, would be one of two things: the zombie virus mutating and spreading to animals, or the long-dead folks (whose brains haven't rotten away yet) finally being able to dig their way out of their graves and joining the hordes of their undead cousins.

As if they need any more problems!


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