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This is more than just a gushing display of my undying love for Norman Reedus. This is more than just a fan girl telling everyone why they should not only follow everything he does, but do so with a smile. No... this is so much more.

This is a simple list of why I think that Norman Reedus is simply the greatest, ever. Greatest what you ask? Let me tell you.

1. He is the Greatest Celebrity to Interact With

Norman is a king on the con-circuit. No matter if it's a Walker Stalker Convention, Wizard World, or even a fan event on the other side of the world, he shows up. Not only does he show up, he seems to enjoy every second he is there interacting with fans. Fans that have waited hours, and spent crazy amounts of money in travel, tickets and merch just to get within hugging distance. From the moment you lock eyes with him, he gives you full attention until your turn is over. I know from experience... and what an experience it was.

Norman Reedus on Instagram @bigbaldhead
Norman Reedus on Instagram @bigbaldhead

He befriends kids with special needs, and helps to get their stories out there among the public, in the hopes that it will help out in some way. His instagram and twitter feed are full of pictures he takes with them at conventions, or like the one above, where he shares a picture of his beautiful friend Ava, who was diagnosed with a condition called alopecia areata. He loves his fans, all of them, and makes everyone he comes in contact with, feel special for whatever time they have together.

2. He is a Giant Goofball

Norman Reedus on Twitter @wwwbigbaldhead
Norman Reedus on Twitter @wwwbigbaldhead

Sure he plays one of TV's biggest names in bad-assery, but deep down, the man behind the crossbow is just like the rest of us. He claims that if a ZA were to truly break out, his ideal surviving situation would be to lock himself in a hotel room, eat chocolate and watch South Park. He walks around in bloody bunny slippers, and does his Twitter Q&As in a Kiss onesie.

Besides that, he is constantly licking people, grabbing his co-stars butts and doing his damndest to make Andrew Lincoln laugh in the really tough, emotional scenes they have to pull off by mooning him or whispering 'I love you' in his ear.

3. Have You SEEN His Movies?

Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus, Boondock Saints.
Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus, Boondock Saints.

Besides being best known for playing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, or even Murphy MacManus in the cult-classic Boondock Saints and Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day, Norman has a string of great characters that have been given little recognition. In one of his first films, he plays Harry, a boy who is just a smidge too close to his mother. Was it a great flick... meh. But HE was fantastic in it. Most recently, Reedus took on another project from friend and Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman. Air, is the story of two man tasked with saving the brightest minds in human civilization until the world's air becomes breathable again. In this role, he shows that there doesn't need to be a crazy plot with CGI and huge fan fare. Its a simple story, but is able to break your heart one minute, and cause your anxiety and tension to rise the next.

His upcoming movies, Triple 9 (also starring Aaron Paul) and Sky (starring Diane Kruger and Lena Dunham) are definitely at the top of my 'must-see' list.

4. He is More than Just an Actor...

Prada Men Fall Winter 1997 Campaign
Prada Men Fall Winter 1997 Campaign

Before Norman ever set foot on a movie set, he was putting his handsome mug in front of cameras for the likes of Prada, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Durban, Levi's, Lexus, and Morgenthal Fredrics. He's starred in music videos, directed music videos (most recently for The Bots), he has showed his art in galleries, and published two books. The first entitled, 'The Sun is Coming Up like a Big Bald Head', is chock full of photography spanning many years and many different places around the world. They are striking images - haunting, sad, beautiful and down right funny. Wait until you get to the one of Norman and Scott Wilson. Priceless.

The second, 'Thanks For All the Niceness', was a book he put together where the pages are full of fan art of him and his characters (mostly Daryl Dixon) of course. As a thank you to his fans for the hours and hours of dedication and talent they put into these pieces of art, he published them for the world to see. On top of that, most of the proceeds went to The Bachmann Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation... which leads me to my fifth (but not truly final) reason as to why he's so great....

5. He's Got the Biggest & Greatest Heart

Always willing to lend a hand, he puts himself out there for fans in order to raise money for a lot of really great causes. Most recently, he helped co-star and friend Danai Gurira (Michonne, The Walking Dead) to raise money for Almasi Arts Alliance located in Zimbabwe, where she serves as President of the organization, when she's not chopping of walker heads.

On top of this, he is auctioning off a VERY special afternoon and evening with him to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. Depending on the amount of your donation, you can buy yourself so many chances to win a trip to New York City, lunch with Norman and then join him for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 at Madison Square Garden. Man, the things that I would spend money on if I were rich...

Oh and did I mention how much this man loves his cat?

Need I Go On?

Cause I can. I could continue to rattle off reasons I think Norman Reedus is the greatest. His social media accounts are the most fun and random to follow. He is sweet, sexy and rides a motorcycle. He is not afraid to be who he is, do what he wants, and enjoy life. Norman is a great dad, spoken of in the highest regard by his co-stars, and seems to bring a smile to everyone's face.

But I'll stop there. For now.

I've told you about who I think is just the greatest celeb out there, what about you? Who would you label as the greatest?


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