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THERE is one movie from Disney that I really love. It is dark, it is inspiring, it is underrated... The Black Cauldron.

If you haven't seen The Black Cauldron yet, I suggest you rush out and watch it now!

The Black Cauldron is a Disney adaptation of the second book in the series The Chronicles of Prydain which were loosely based on Welsh mythology. I found this out when reading a mythology book and stumbling upon a familiar story based around a magical cauldron, and, as I am Welsh and I already LOVED this movie - I was so happy!

This is the tale of a young boy named Taran, and his quest to become a warrior and hero. Starting out as an assistant pig keeper to a rather remarkable pig called Hen Wen, Taran soon finds himself in the middle of a fantastical adventure.

Along the way Taran meets the wonderfully feisty Princess Eilonwy (try to pronounce that if you haven't seen the movie!), a bard named Fflewddur Fflam, Gurgi, and many more hilarious characters.

Watch as the foursome take on the wicked Horned King and his army during an epic journey to stop him getting the magical cauldron and taking over the... world?

The reasons I feel this movie is so underrated;

  • The Horned King is terrifying! As a kid, this guy really frightened me, and although I know we don't want children to have nightmares, the movies we all watched when we were kids didn't do us any damage and they were majorly freaky! I feel that The Horned King is possibly one of Disney's most frightening villains.
  • Taran is relatable. Maybe I am somewhat strange, but didn't we all want to be heroes when we were younger? Perhaps most of us still do. Taran doesn't have any special skills, he was not brought up in a world where he was trained and/or expected to be a hero - much like Aladdin, Taran is self-made, baby! - and I think that makes him a lot more relatable and children a lot more hopeful because it shows that anyone can be a hero if they want to.
  • Eilonwy is very cool indeed. The princess is no 'princess', if you catch my drift. Nor is she some kick-ass Lara Croft style character. Princess Eilonwy is simply a down to earth, realistic... girl. She says the things I would say if in her situation, and does not fall into any cliched categories. It is nice to see characters accurately portraying humans for a change and not trying to cram all of the most appealing qualities into one character.
  • Gurgi. Just Gurgi. This is all I am going to say as I feel you need to experience Gurgi yourself and anything I say will not satisfy how brilliant he is.
  • The humour. As I mentioned above, this movie is pretty dark but it also has some brilliantly humorous moments. Let's just say, Fflewddur Fflam at the witches' home is not something to be missed!

This movie is incredibly dark for a Disney movie. It is hilarious and also heart-breaking. I am so surprised that this is not one of the most popular Disney movies out there. It saddens me, because this story is wonderful and this movie is a piece of art. So I am calling out to all MoviePilot Creators and readers to GO WATCH THIS MOVIE because you won't regret it!


So will you be seeing this movie?


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