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ITV's flagship period drama Downton Abbey returns to our screens this September for the final time with season 6, and this weekend we were treated to our first peek at the last Crawley family's last hurrah in this new trailer.

Set in 1925, the final season of the incredibly popular British show looks like it will be a tear-jerker, as the the family and their servants come together for the last time.

The trailer opens with a shot of butler Carson packing his bags, as the mournful voice of the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) tells him that he can't stop history.

The march of progress has always been a central theme of the show, and as times in Britain change, we've see how this affects the characters of Downton for better and for worse. Some find happiness in a new age, as Edith is able to make her own living, Gwen leaves domestic service to become a secretary, Rose embarks on a romance that would have been unthinkable in the past, and Daisy learns that she can aspire to greater things. However, the show has always made it very clear that the march of progress isn't entirely positive, as standards decline, a way of life disappears, and many servants are terrified of becoming unnecessary.

While this final season is sure to bring us plenty of the usual drama (along with plenty of wit from the inimitable Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Grantham), this trailer makes it clear that this is a season for wrapping things up.

It seems that many of our favorite characters may get a happy ending, with Edith looking particularly happy and Lady Mary smiling in a way she hasn't done in some time. Daisy is shown looking cheerful with her father-in-law, and even Carson and Mrs Hughes get a sweet moment together that suggests they may finally get their happy ending.

As well as Carson leaving, we see scenes of what looks like the other servants saying their goodbyes interposed with scenes of the best moments of life in the abbey. The upper class sip cocktails while those below stairs dance up a storm in the kitchen, and shots of all the glamour of the twenties are joined with scenes of empty rooms and closing doors.

While this trailer obviously won't be giving away all the secrets of the upcoming episodes, it makes the overall tone very clear. Downton Abbey looks to be shutting its doors. While there are rumors of a film in the works (which could center around the great Depression), this is sure to be a bittersweet fall on ITV.

As Anna says "We have had our moments, haven't we?"

Series 6 of Downton Abbey starts September 20th in the UK (North American viewers, as usual, will have to be patient a little longer.)

Source: Deadline


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