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If you're a die-hard fannibal (yes, there are plenty of us out there), then right after tonight's finale you breathed a sigh of relief along with a sigh of amazement. The ending was everything wonderful a Hannibal fan could hope for. Before we talk about the ending lets go back to the beginning a little bit.


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The roller coaster episode started with Francis Dolarhyde holding the petrified Reba captive and making her play a torturous mind game. He says that he needs to know if he can trust Reba and that she must go to the door and lock herself in with him. Of course, like any thinking person, Reba tries to flee but Dolarhyde catches her and locks them both in the house.

He then goes on to say that he can't live anymore so he sets the house on fire and blows his brains out. Poor Reba must not crawl on the man's dead body, take the key off his corpse and try to find her way out of the blazing home. Surprisingly, she does and talks to Will in the hospital. Will assures Reba that there is nothing wrong with her and that Dolarhyde is simply a man with a freak monkey on his back.

Yeah, that's going to make her feel better.

That's the last see of Reba which is slightly depressing. This poor blind girl was so used and abused when all she wanted to love a man she saw an impressive future with. Instead she got kidnapped and almost burned alive.

The audience is then totally blown away to find out that Dolarhyde is in fact, really alive. He kidnaps Will and asks Will if he can set up a meeting between himself and Hannibal.

What follows after this scene is complete craziness! It doesn't take long for forensics to figure out that Dolarhyde has staged his own death. Will, still not telling Jack Crawford anything about his little run in with Dolarhyde, tells Jack he wants to hatch a plan to draw in and kill both Dolarhyde and Hannibal. They will fake Hannibal escaping the mental institution in or to draw Dolarhyde straight to him.

They'll kill two birds with one stone.

Hannibal refuses to go a long with the fake escape unless Will personally asks him to go along with the plan. The whole thing feels like something a three year-old would do. But Will asks with a polite "please" and Hannibal eventually agrees. Hannibal threatens the life of Alana and her entire family. You know, typical Hannibal stuff. Alana is no dummy however, we later see her getting her wife and child safely unto a helicopter that will take them to an unknown location.


As Hannibal is transported in to police custody, the transport goes horribly wrong. Dolarhyde slams in to the van transporting Hannibal and Will several times and kills multiple officers.

I actually felt bad for these officers as they could never have seen their horrible deaths coming!

Hannibal assures Will that they need more privacy, Dolarhyde drives off apparently to attack them at a more appropriate time. Hannibal takes Will to an old hide out he had and they prepare to have dinner. The scene reminds you of two bitter lovers trying to rekindle a romance.

Hannibal soon finds out he's standing way too close to the window when Dolarhyde shoots a hole through him. It appears Dolarhyde and Will's plan is working; they've finally teamed up to do Hannibal in.

The surprises in this episode do not stop coming however. Dolarhyde suddenly turns on Will and digs a knife in to his face so hard he lifts him completely off of the ground. The fight spills outside with Hannibal coming to Will's aid despite the entire set up. They slaughter The Red Dragon as they knife and ax him to death. Blood flies and gushes everywhere. It's a gloriously vicious blood bath ending with Hannibal ripping The Red Dragon's throat out with his own teeth.

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courtesy of NBC

The final moments of the show were simply beautiful. Will and Hannibal cling to each other in their final moments of life and agree that their experience together has been beautiful. Will then decides to end it all when he pulls Hannibal close to him and throws them both off the cliff. There was such a sense of relief, amazement and closure with this scene that's hard to describe for a Hannibal fan.

Since we must see Hannibal go, this is a damn fine way to do it!

The after-the-credit scene of Bedelia sitting there with her leg on the table about to be eaten left me with my mouth wide open. According to creator Bryan Fuller, someone has served her her own leg and she is hiding her fork to bury it in the neck of whoever walks through the door next. I took it a completely different way. I thought Bedelia had finally gone so far over the edge that she did to herself what she thought was inevitable with Hannibal escaping. She was meant to be consumed.

Although Fuller says it suggests this scene means it's possible that Will or Hannibal or both survived. If this is the end of Bryan Fuller's amazing re-imagining of the Hannibal story, I'd much rather think of Hannibal and Will dying together in a star-crossed lover type embrace. This series finale is one of the best ever to be on television. It summed everything up in it's typical viciously beautiful fashion. Although I hope to see Hannibal again in the future, if this is the way he makes his exit, he did it in glorious fashion.

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Were you happy with the way Hannibal said Good-bye?


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