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Most of us agree that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was amazing. The second movie in the series, The Dark Knight, is considered to be one of the best superhero movies ever made. The movie had everything - an extremely talented and awesome cast, brilliant plot, plenty of action, and an unbelievably great villain.

Joker is Batman's arch-nemesis, and is considered to be one of the best villains of all time. Throughout the years, we have seen many portrayals of the role of Joker, but Heath Ledger's performance in 2008's The Dark Knight is widely considered to be the best villainous character.

Or, was it?

According to Redditor generalzee, that might not be the case. You see...

Joker might actually be the hero in The Dark Knight

Yes, that's right. Let me explain this.

We begin with a completely messed up Gotham. There is crime everywhere, corrupt officials ruling the city. And we have a vigilante beating criminals up at night. Can't get any worse, can it?

Along comes a guy, dressed in a purple suit, with green hair. His actions were chaotic, he hurt, killed, and traumatized people - and yet, he managed to clean up Gotham in a way Batman never could.

In the very first scene, we see Joker rob a bank. But here's a thing we didn't notice: He killed everyone else who helped him out. The question is, why? Is it for the money? Definitely not... one of his most famous lines from the movie, "Its not about money, its about sending a message."

Committing that one robbery eliminated 6 or 7 street thugs, but it also served a bigger purpose. It made Lau come out of hiding. Knowing that Batman would go after Lau, he let things go on, and once Lau was brought back to Gotham, Joker easily captured him and burnt him along with the pile of money.

With most of their money gone, the Mob was rendered useless, and brought to trial by Harvey Dent, and sentenced to prison. That scene where he blew up the hospital? That served to identify a few corrupt officers, which were targeted by Two-Face later on in the movie. Brilliant piece of planning, right? It gets better.

Towards the end of the movie, he says the words, "You think I'd risk losing the battle for Gotham's soul in a fistfight with you?", highlighting that he indeed was trying to make Gotham "pure", in which he succeeded, I mean, a whole bot full of criminals and thugs had the chance to save themselves and kill the ones aboard the other bot, but they were ready to sacrifice their lives!

Going back to his dialogue "Its not about money, its about sending a message," what message could he be talking about? It's entirely possible that Joker was talking about...

Him trying to clean up the city, and not destroying it...

Granted, it was a weird way to do so, but hey, if a guy (more specifically, a billionaire) dressing up in a Bat costume and beating up criminals all night is acceptable, what's wrong with him?

I believe that Joker was trying to get a message across, that he was trying to save the city, not destroy it. His methods might seem... psychopathic, but you have to agree, he got results.

That takes care of the criminal problem. But what about Batman? He was "inspiring" people, who ran around, "wearing hockey pads" and trying to fight crime, endangering their lives. In order to prevent people from doing that, he needed to tarnish Batman's reputation, by making him commit something terrible, which would lift Gotham's trust on him.

For this, he used Harvey Dent (again), the new face (Cap understood that reference) of Gotham. After hurting him to the point where he turned insane and went on a killing spree, Batman had no choice but to abandon his no killing rule, and put an end to Harvey's madness. In doing so, he became a villain in the eyes of Gotham City, while Harvey Dent went on to become a martyr, and a symbol of hope and justice.

Joker even managed to show that even a boat full of criminals are ready to believe in good. They hated Batman, not everyone else. Furthermore, when The Dark Knight Rises hit the theaters in 2012, we see a crime-free (okay, not entirely crime free, but it was down by a huge margin, until Bane showed up) Gotham, without the interference of Batman, for 8 whole years.

This also fits with the above clapping scene. While most of us seem to think that it was sarcastic on his part, it is certainly possible that Joker was applauding Gordon for being a truly incorruptible officer in the police force.

You can read it first hand here, if you want. Truly, this masterpiece of a movie continues to amaze us years after its release. No wonder it's ranked #4 on IMDb's all time Top 250 movies.

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What do you think? Could Joker have been the secret hero all this time?


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