ByGeorge Blaisdell, writer at
... but not started better yet most likely because of it he may not even join he just lost his family and now you gotta stick to the fact that there's a war going on because of it I kind of want to sit out of it's pretty clear that Marvel is going to have to acknowledge all these subseries that theyre talking about like Daredevil series .vigilante rise has gotten out of control so much so that there's more city damage then there should be and because of this major city damage The Avengers for the couple more big players that are capable of destroying cities and stuff are going to be targeted and it's all going to start because Tony Stark did the same thing in age of Ultron went behind everyone's back and couple dollars in and Tada but I think it's more related to the comic book idea and as we all know Marvels not going to go with the comic North Disney and then it's safe to assume I think Hawkeyes family be the cause I think that anymore on the cause of him joining or not joining

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