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There was a ton of rumor and speculation that rather than Blade entering the MCU through Netflix, similarly to Daredevil, his daughter would take up the reins as the vampire hunter that we hate to love! Now introducing to you 5 actresses that could portray teenage Fallon Grey, for the grown-up Fallon Grey fan cast check here!

5. Keke Palmer

She is an actress that is amazing at portraying struggling self doubt like characters and she could most definitely use that in this kind of role as well as send her down a path of more roles like this.

4. Coco Jones

She is insanely gorgeous and she has an action star female quality to her that I can't explain, but I can see. She'd be terrific.

3. Chyna McClain

This would send her career into the atmosphere, it could corner a new audience for the MCU Netflix type shows. She is young and has a lot to prove, meaning she would more than likely do an amazing job.

2. Madison Pettis

I believe Madison could bring true youthful energy to this role, and put her in a light that no one has seen her in.

1. Zendaya

She is very talented with choreography which would be a necessary trait for a show like this one, she could bring a spark to this role that few actresses could.


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