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This is part of a collaborative fan cast between myself and one of my fellow creators, Jacob Craig. You can read his article here. Each of us chose 5 actors who could play the Riddler in future Batman films. Fasten your seatbelts, because here we go!

Paul Bettany

Yes, I want Vision to be the Riddler. Is that really too much to ask? Bettany is a stupendous actor and definitely deserves to play something better than a computer or an android with a magic space rock in its forehead. In an interview, he said that before Avengers 2, he was called into a producer's office and told that he would likely never work in Hollywood again. He went outside and sat on the curb, weeping uncontrollably for about five minutes until his cell phone rang. He answered it and was shocked and delighted to hear Joss Whedon offer him the role of Vision in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). True, Vision and the Riddler couldn't be more different, but Bettany definitely has the acting chops to pull it off.

Sam Rockwell

Granted, I'm drawing from the Marvel pool again, but Rockwell's portrayal of Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 proved that he knows how to bring both serious drama and just a hint of cheekiness to a role. And since Justin Hammer was carted off to jail in IM2, and we're not likely to see him return anytime soon, playing the Riddler could be just what Rockwell needs. I have even heard it said by some that if he were to be on board as the character, he could be to the Riddler what Heath Ledger was to the Joker.

Leonardo DiCaprio

I've always wanted to see DiCaprio play a comic book character, and I think the Riddler would be a perfect fit. After roles like The Great Gatsby, DiCaprio certainly has proven that he has what it takes to play Edward Nygma. And who knows? It might even be the role that ends up getting the man his Oscar!

Ewan McGregor

Yes, Obi-Wan Kenobi as the Riddler totally just became a thing. You're welcome. Ewan McGregor could definitely pull off Gotham's Prince of Puzzles, and I think the Scotsman could put a unique spin on the character as well. In my opinion, Ewan McGregor would absolutely crush it as the Riddler. I can just see him leaning on a cane and taunting Batfleck with an endless stream of riddles.

Matt Smith

A riddle a day keeps the Doctor away... or in this case... never mind. I think that Matt Smith's role as the 11th Doctor is more than enough to prove that he could perfectly carry the part of the Riddler. He, out of all the actors on this list, would be the most likely to bring an iconic twist to the Riddler that would make the character almost rival the Joker for popularity. I could even see them throwing in a subtle nod to Smith's tenure as the Doctor by having him look at his question mark-headed cane and say, "Well, it's no screwdriver, but it'll do." And, another nod could be Smith being the first incarnation of the Riddler to wear a bow tie!

I can't end an article about the Riddler without a riddle, so here it is: "What weighs six ounces, lives in a tree, and is very dangerous?"

"A sparrow with a machine gun!" <<<<< This actually was a legitimate riddle posed by the Riddler in the film based off of the 60's Batman tv show!


Who should play the Riddler?


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