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In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in order to rescue his daughter.

Ummmm aside from a handful of people, is there anyone still alive?

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did, having said that, my disaster movies of late have included Sharknado 3, Lavalantula and Mega Shark versus Kolossus so my expectations may be a little low.

Firstly the huge cast; Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan Gruffudd, Archie Panjabi, Paul Giamatti, Will Yun Lee, Colton Haynes and even Australia’s own, Kylie Minogue.

It’s not even just one disaster; it’s continuous throughout the movie and just gets worse and worse. The destruction and even some of the death scenes are awesome and entertaining. Obviously being what it is, it is very effects heavy but good quality and smooth.

Something small that really impressed me was seeing Paul Giamatti character of Lawrence, a scientist, actually leaving his equipment behind to run and help people when disaster struck. In most movies, the scientists always stay or go back for their equipment or step over people to get to safety first.

An awesome disaster movie to just sit back and watch and one I will definitely be buying this on bluray.

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