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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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I loved this movie when I first watched it as a kid and I always found it intriguing that something dark and so gloomy could still appeal so much to me. And there is a lot of artistry at work here. From the designs of the characters, to the scenery and ambiance of this world. And so, let's start from the beginning.

We start the movie by introducing our main characters, Victor Von Dort played by Johnny Depp(Duh!, it's not a Tim Burton movie without him) and the bride to be Victoria, but we find out that the two were actually match made and their marriage was arranged because the family of Victoria thought Victor's family was rich and Victor's family thought her family was rich.

Anyway, we also find out that Victor(oh, who am I kidding I'm just gonna call him Johnny); Johnny, has stage fright and can't recite his vows properly(really?) and so he runs off to rehearse his lines in the forest because.. forests are a good place to rehearse your vows? Now to the movies credit, the animation stylings and works of art is still pretty damned good it's just that the story line is a little predictable from the point where he accidentally places a ring on what he thought was a branch but was actually a skeleton. And Johnny has to find his way out of this when but then finds himself invested in the Bride that was supposed to be but wasn't and of course who plays the Bride other than Helena Bonham Carter.

Anyways, Johnny learns that there was a rich man who wanted to wed her but instead killed her because he just wanted her money. But I must say at this point as well the musical score is excellent, I still remember the melody and I can say it is as timeless as Beethoven's music or Mozart's for that matter. I also love how they give character to random dead things like the caterpillar and the dog. Although the dog did creep me out a little when I first watched it.

But I digress, back in the world of the living we learned that the same guy who killed the Bride wants to wed Victoria for the same reason he wed the Bride, and it was so obvious it was him because he's the generic villain although I tried my best not to see it, when I was watching it again. But I just couldn't and had to sit through it and let it hit me over the head over with it. Even the ending and the shock reveal didn't really move me as, it was literally mostly the dead people who did it.

Why then did i rate it so high, you may ask? Well just like Nightmare before Christmas, Burton still provides us with his wonderful stylings of a stop motion, and even though the plot and story line was quite predictable, the creativity and the thought, and the passion to make sure that you were in this world with them, although not done too well, but at least it tried. And for that I think it deserves the praise, it's just so artistic, and all art deserves the recognition.


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