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Imagine a world where one company is leading the world with it's innovative and interconnected series of films and television, allowing it to dominate both of those markets, what, I wonder, would be their next move? Dominate the video game industry of course! Well, you may be surprised to discover that there is actually a company like that!

Marvel has taken the world by storm with their Cinematic Universe, and one thing that they haven't really tried to do yet is bring out any games on the same large scale as their cinematic scope. They should really take a bit of inspiration in doing such a grand scale of video game from these guys:

Skyrim! The game that allows you to traverse an entire country while doing all of the missions in any order you want. A game with about seven or eight different campaigns, as well as hundreds of side missions. This game was, in my opinion, absolutely revolutionary for the video game genre, and I can see hundreds of ways that it could be replicated with characters from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc, etc. But I can see it so perfectly merging with the grand scale of the Marvel Universe to make an absolutely fantastic game! Here are several steps Marvel need to make this perfect game!

1. The Character!

While games like Injustice: Gods Among Us opt for making you many different characters throughout, and games like the Batman Arkham Games make you one superhero throughout, I feel that the way to make this game is to allow you to make your own superhero at the beginning of the game, which allows you to have a unique look and set of skills while also meaning you can interact separately with all of the established Marvel characters. It would also allow you to increase your powers and skills in different ways as the game progresses.

2. The Campaigns!

Now Skyrim had a whole load of awesome campaigns that you could choose to join or not. In them you also found choices you could make which drastically changed the direction you took in the game. This game could easily do the same in an incredibly awesome way! Here are but a few of the many, many ideas I had for campaigns!

A) Civil War!

An obvious way to take the Skyrim Civil War into this game is to directly put your character in a place to choose either Iron Man and his Pro-Registration side or Captain America and his Anti-Registration team. Your missions would include sneaking into the other team's side and raiding various strongholds of theirs, taking on other heroes, and then in the final mission the teams would square off and you would be forced to fight high profile members of the opposing team to win.

B) Infinity War!

This is probably the closest you would get to the Main Campaign in Skyrim with the dragons. It involves you helping other heroes track down infinity stones, while agents of Thanos try to find them as well, and the finale would involve you going into space with all the heroes (akin to going to the other realm to fight Alduin) to fight Thanos and his army.

C) X-Men!

This would be most comparable to the Companions or College of Winterhold campaign from Skyrim. It would be a slightly easier campaign, more advisable to do at the start of your game. You would become a student at Xavier's school, and rise to the Head Teacher by the end of the campaign. The missions would include learning or teaching skills to others, going out to find new students and save them from small villains, and finally face off against the Brotherhood of Mutants to stop them invading the school.

D) S.H.I.E.L.D!

This is a fairly obvious one. You would join SHIELD as an asset due to your powers, and go on various missions for them. This would be an awesome campaign, probably closest to the Thieves Guild Campaign in Skyrim, where you often have to sneak around and get things out of places rather than going in firing. A big ending for the campaign could be a showdown against Hydra, maybe even resurrect the Red Skull to fight?

Those are just a few of my ideas, which ranged from Secret Wars and Secret Invasion to joining the Thunderbolts or even the Illuminati, but you get the idea. There are a world of endless possibilites.

3. The World

It seems like all you would really need on the map is New York, but it could easily be huge in itself. Most major bases and things are in that area, and you could have places like Xavier's school on the outer rim of the map. Inside you could have Avengers Tower, a headquarters for SHIELD, Captain America's secret Civil War base, and much much more!

4. Other Characters!

Obviously the whole point of this would be to utilise as many Marvel Comics Characters as possible. The Avengers could all be used in the Civil War and Infinity War storylines. The X-Men in their own storyline. The Guardians of the Galaxy could be in Infinity War. The Fantastic Four could have some story, and they could be in the Infinity War and Civil War stories. The likes of Spider-Man would be in Civil War and Infinity War, and others like Deadpool can just pop up and give you random missions to help him with. As for villains, you would have Thanos and a lot of space villains in Infinity War. You would have any number of X-Men villains (especially Brotherhood ones) in their story. You could have plenty of others in the SHIELD story besides Red Skull, and in side missions and other campaigns you could pretty much include anyone you wanted. I could definitely see another campaign set around fighting Norman Osborn or Dr Doom.

5. The Side Missions!

Endless (and I literally mean endless) possibilites exist for side missions. So many villains that SHIELD could give you bounties for capturing. So many characters to interact with. Imagine that every so often Deadpool comes up to you and asks you to help him do something like find chimichangas around the city? How amazing would that be!? I can see so many directions to go, and there are so many people to interact with. Marvel could really make this game go on forever.

Thanks for reading guys! I would expand on this further but I would go on all day if I don't stop myself now! If you have any other ideas for how this game could work then send them to me at [email protected] or just reply with a comment or post below!

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