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The death of our favourite Joker Heath Ledgder was a shock to every Batman fan because Batman's greatest foe won't be laughing anymore. Heath ledger was able to bring depth to the character, he took the Joker character from an unstable lunatic clown to a visionary. Heath Ledger made The Joker look as an artist, a philosopher, a man with unbelievable understanding of true self liberation and the concept of chaos. Therefore, Heath Ledger is, was and forever will be the greatest Joker that ever lived


Which of these actors should play The Joker?

But, unfortunately the show must go on and with the production of the suicide squad, DC was on a quest to find a new Joker. After a long search, DC chose to cast none other than 30 seconds to mars's very own "Jared Leto" to play the lunatic clown

After a lot of work from hair dressers and make up artists, they were able to turn this singer into a true maniac. They turned this into that!

I was impressed with the drastic change that they were able to pull off but to be honest, i wasn't impressed with the quality of the joker because let's face it. He looks just like any maniac that ran away from the looney bin.

With that being said, i was on a quest to find a candidate that would make a far better joker than Jared Leto and i was able to stumble upon 3 actors that has crazy written all over their faces.

The actors are the following:

1. Christopher Walken

Now Christopher Walken has a reputation of playing the bad guy in the movies and even if he never played a role that showed him as a crazed maniac, this guy still has creepy written all over his face. Add a little make up and green hair dye and this would give me the chills. Just look at him.


2. Willem Dafoe

Scary as f***. Willem Dafoe has the creepiness to be a good Joker as well as having played a lunatic villain before. Willem Dafoe played the role of the notorious Green Goblin in the first movie of the Spiderman trilogy back in 2002 and if i may say so, he seemed pretty crazy to me

I Don't care what anyone says this guy screams creepy with a capital c

3. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has got to be my favourite out of these 3 candidates. Jim Carrey proved over the years that he can be a true voice changing and weird face making master. He showed us his craziness in many different roles wether it's in movies like dumb and dumber, cable guy, yes man or Ace Ventura. But, his most lunatic role has got to be The Mask

In The Mask, Jim Carrey really outdone himself, presenting some of the weirdest faces, craziest voices and outrageous moves.

This guy is the best replacement for Heath Ledger he's crazy, creepy, lunatic and eccentric all combined in an extremely weird looking guy.

Not to bust DC's balls, but here are 3 actors creepier than Jared Leto that would have made a better Joker. So, out of all these options, why would DC choose Jared Leto out of all people to play the lunatic clown? What about you? Do you think that Jared Leto is a good fit as The Joker or do you have someone else?


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