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From Cory and Sean to J.D. and Turk, bromances have appeared on our favorite TV shows for years and the iconic sitcom Friends surely did not shy away from it. Between Joey and Ross and Chandler, it was apparent that Chandler split his time with college BFF Ross Gellar and lovable roommate Joey Tribbiani. So while Chandler and Joey do have a beautiful bond full of foosball fun and sitting all day on leather arm chairs, Chandler and Ross remained close friends after college and eventually became brothers when Chandler married Monica. So what do you think? Choey or Randler?

Well, here are some moments between the boys to help make up your mind.

1. Even though Choey lived together for many years...

Randler lived together during College and even went to Thanksgiving together!

2. Twice. Sporting the lame-never-really-cool matching suits.

While Choey has the lame, cool guy handshake.

3. Choey shared a New Years Kiss

And Randler shared a cozy moment during a 'tuck and roll' lesson

4. Choey had a great time vacationing in London together

...and Randler will always have Vermont!

5. However, while Ross catches Chandler dancing...

...Joey would just join in

5. But Randler was in a band together in college (and shared equally embarrassing haircuts)

...while Choey were Bracelet Buddies! (Though Chandler didn't really have a say in that matter)

6. But even though Chandler was Ross's best man...

...who can really beat this?

So what do you think? Is it Choey or Randler? However, after all that, no matter who you think Chandler is better with, we all truly know who his other half is...

Mondler for life!
Mondler for life!


Which bromance do you think is the best?


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