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Jim Sotcheff

I was a hurt and surprised as everyone else when SOA ended after 7 seasons. I always figured if Smallville (which I loved until that cheap ass ending) could last 10 years,SOA could last at least that long.That being said, I like the idea of doing the Mayans first. They can use it to lay down even more history for when he does go back to do the 1st 9. Depending on when they set the series,I think it'd be great to see it begin after Jax's death with appearances by the Son's with Chibbs at the head of the table.Remember,Jax tried to give everyone a piece or a chanceto make money and keep a certain level of peace.That's a vacuum that definitely won't be filled. The Niners won't just go away(someone always steps up),they'll rebuild. Whos know's, with the "small" Charter change Jax made, the Niners could join up with the Sons You know another Cop (retired or not) will step up to take Borfosky"s place. The possibilities are endless. To be honest ,I've become such a Kurt Sutter fan I'll watch anything he's attached to. I'd even like to see him write a Batman script. Basically what I'm saying is "In Kurt I trust" the rest of you should too.


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