ByRobert Rodier, writer at
...wo little nuggets of thought. Nugget #1 IF that were true would Sly Stallone (who is, by all accounts a perfectionist) cast her in a movie where she's suppose to hold her own with the "big boys"? Along those lines, if she was as untalented a actor as you say, why would a major studio be willing to cast her in a biopic of her life? hey could just find a "professional actress" for he part. Nugget #2, You obviously don't know Rowdy Ronda. If she gets it into her head to do a thing...that thing gets done. IF she were offered the role as Capt Marvel do you REALLY think she would not throw her all into making her performance the best? No...she would do like Dave Batusta (I hope spelled that right) did when he was cast as Drax, acting classes of all shapes and sizes....and we all know how THAT turned out....yes? Bonus nugget. There's no way in hell, or any version of it where Marvel would cast a unknown actress for the lead in one of their movies. Everyone they have cast, so far, has, by appearing in a few movies of note, caught the public's eye. Give the woman a chance. IF she gets the part...she just may surprise you.

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