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The Standford Prison Experiment. I rented this movie on on-demand after being pretty excited about it since I first heard of it being made. The other films that have tried to tackle this subject have failed to me, but this one didn't. The other films tried to take the story and turn it into something it was not, but this film didn't do that, it stuck with the true experiences of the project. And it worked. This true story is much for horrific and mind twisting than anything you can and to it. The actors in this film, most on the rise, did an absolutely superb job. The bleakness of what a prison in a hallway would of been was executed perfectly. I looked up some images of the actual experiment and you could easily confuse these film stills as actual photos from the few days it lasted. This film gets an A for me, but that's only if you enjoy films that kind of churn in your head after you watch it. This is a film where once it's over, it stays in your head, you not being able to believe what you just watched actually happened. You not being able to believe that humans can do that to each other so quickly. And you forgetting that you watched a movie and that you weren't standing in the back of all those rooms watching it unfold.


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